Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"What It’s Like To Live On Your Own"

Found this on a tumblr, and it's so cute so I reblog it here.

I never eat in my bed because I'm a clumsy and every time I eat in my bed, the food crumbles will fall everywhere and I hate it. It makes me itchy whenever I am going to sleep.
Besides, I don't have tv... So this part isn't really related to me XD

I used to be active in some events (on my first year) so I was invited to several seminars. I know that feeling of getting free meals from seminars and had it as my dinner on that day. Swee free nomnoms.

The fact of me is: friends are borrowing stuff from me and all are gone--my worst assumption. I never have the courage to ask them about my stuff D:

Oh it's so 100% meeee! I used to have a few pairs of pure white underwears but some are turning blue, some are turning purple. Okay, no white underwears for me.

Except for expected guests. People knocking on my door scares me. I always imagine on films where they had unexpected guests turned to become a kidnapper, rapist or murderer. OMG.

Try to avoid this and live healthily but it can't be helped... Hate the fact that my electric stove can't be used to cook anything nice.

WHY INSTANT NOODLES TASTE SO GOOD? It's almost like a crime.

Found a creepy big spider in my bed another day, don't know whether I wanted to smash it to death (which will leave nasty residues in my bed) or shoo it away with paper (too scary to do that). I then blowed the spider to the edge of my bed and blowed it to the wall.
I believe the spider is still there (until today) but at least I can't see it so I'm fine, erm, maybe.

Logging off to do my homeworks~

Lots of love


  1. lol, that comic was cute~~~ guess that's also apply to me as i am living lonely~ XD

  2. Awww this is so cute! I hope you'll overcome your fear for spiders soon :)


  3. Oh how I wish I could live independent like you. I could do all I want. mehehe

  4. haha the illustrations are soo cute XD I wish I could live independent as well. hahaha!

    1. Haha yeah it is!! <3
      It's fun and thrilling at the same time :3


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