Friday, May 10, 2013

Moving out?

I had a few talks about me moving out from BS. I am not experiencing anything bad here actually (internet is just okay, electricity and stuff are good, comfortable environment and convenient to get things), but there are some things I consider lately.

Firstly, almost all of my friends are no longer here (or they're not here to begin with). I feel so isolated here, because my close friends are all staying near by uni and just so far away from me. I feel so far and outdated.. What makes more problem is, I really depend on shuttle bus as my transportation and it sucks. I hate myself for depending on shuttle bus to reach uni area.

Honestly I can walk, walk for about few KMs but somehow I feel insecure. There are just so many ahbengs I can see on the sidewalk, it doesn't look good. (Yeah, an insecure country even for its citizen). So I should opt it last.

Earlier this year, I was thinking to get a small car for me to release my dependency to shuttle bus. I didn't consider anything about my thought and just said that out loud to my parents. What I didn't know was, they were in tight budget this year (as they were about to buy cars and wanted to visit relatives in mainland) which are not cheap.. I then didn't continue to ask them about a car for myself and decide to forget about a car of mine.

So, I was thinking to move out. What's the point if I stay here (though things are perfect) but I am isolated? I hate this feeling, I never feel isolated before.. I don't know it would be this bad. Once I have things to settle, I'll miss a lot of things (like yesterday on my friend's birthday, I had to settle with my laundry problem--I argued about how they're so reckless ripping my bag so many times) and I missed my friend's birthday party because of me arguing the laundry staffs--well it's another thing.

Though some friends are supporting me to move out (even they helped me finding few small boarding houses to look at; and I can't just show my grateful feeling to them--many many thank you!) but I am considering the things here as well.. I know it will be so mafan to move out (though it's childish to think that this is one reason I don't wanna move); second is I feel sad to leave some people here (some PDC people I've known well, some ISS people, few people who sells food here whom I've known very well).. I know those are all childish reasons. I can't have free gym anymore, I can't swim for free, I can't this, I can't that..

I think another way, probably I should get a bicycle? (We skip motuo because I had so many accidents with motuo back then--me and motuo aren't going well). Bicycle is environmentally friendly and cheap compared to car. I was browsing a bicycle store in Central Park and some bicycles interest me (credit: Rodalink store):

Polygon Rudge One (Series 2013) for IDR2,195,000

Polygon URBANO 1.0 (2013 Series) for IDR2,375,000

Polygon SIERRA LITE I3 (2013 Series) for IDR2,245,000

I wonder if I can get the pink edition?

Though mama disagrees with me getting bicycle (she worries, okay. She prefers car for me, but 没有钱 also for another car so please kay, stop talking about it haha) and I think I'm fine with bicycle. I can overcome the distance so I will feel less isolated and also I can exercise more!

Maybe I won't be riding bicycle everyday but at least on those days when shuttle bus isn't available, I can still go to uni area to the library or just have some uni food there.

I am pretty sure none of you would understand how dilemma I am now haha.. But it's alright. I just write this out to let go of my frustration and anger toward how headache I am thinking about this now..

Final decision is, I plan to prolong my contract here actually and will have my mama come here with me to find the best and most convenient boarding house with me on my semester break. Me and my parents have decided that if I can still overcome the distance thing with bicycle and there are no other problems; I don't need to move out for now.

So I'm staying here for few more months after several talks~~but many thank you to my friends who are helping me about this!

Signing off,

Lots of love


  1. Moving out is definitely a tough decision. I'm glad you and your parents worked out a good solution! The bikes seem like a nice alternative (think: you're also getting good exercise!). c:

    1. It is... And thank you! I'm considering it right now :D

  2. I think the bicycle is a great idea! There are many articles here in India about how people (mostly businessmen) travel to their workplace in bicycle. Over the course not only was environment clean but also the people got more fit..! I think the bicycle is a great idea!!!!!

    1. I see! It's good since it's really healthy.. Is it? I am still considering it because it isn't too safe here to cycle, but I'm thinking to get one! Thank you :D

  3. I'll be having my last and major exam around September! My course is about business Administration c:

    btw I wanna get a bicycle so bad too!! I want pink coloured ones :c but sadly I do not have the money to get one :c

    1. I don't have money for a bicycle too >.< my parents still sponsor me around 40% of the money for this, I just hope I can make the best of it :D
      Won't the pink bicycle be so nice? :'D

  4. hi!!! thanks for your lovely comment! may i know what is morgyul perm? the one you commented on my blogpost? haha anyway! i'm sure you can fit into any peplum top!
    anyway, i know the feeling of being isolated, but before you move out, i hope you can weight all the pros and cons so that you don't regret it when u decide !
    **hope it works

    1. It's actually called mermaid hair, but the popular one it's called moolgyul hair XD
      Thank you! I'm thinking about it well :D

  5. nominated you for the Versatile blogger award!!! check it out! meeeow!

    1. Ooops just read it now, thank you! Will write about it on my next post ;)


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