Saturday, May 4, 2013

Exam weeks twelve; and new baby!


Heavily picced post here.

Sups guys! long time no see.

Exam ended today~~~~! Today couldn't be better ヾ( ^ω^)ノ
It was a hard fight; exams weren't all piece of cake. I know it this sem is real hard. I put lots and lots of efforts in each exam day--I had hard weeks. Some subjects were just great and I am confident of it, fortunately~~! I also had those days when I wish for a 'pass' status rather than Ace it ( ノω-、) Let's say it Programming and Database System, they are just argh (/T^T*)

Raining almost everyday here--perfect weather to sleep rather than study.

Don't you just love creating colorful notes?

One night stand best friend (Yeah, I skipped lots of sleep again this time to study).

Must reduce more than 50% cals everyday, and gradually increasing.

One mix mix vegs I had that day--despite of its disturbing look it tasted great actually!

Nothing special happened on my exam weeks this time (mid4 - mid term exams for semester 4), probably that's the reason I didn't blog for a while back then. One sad thing is: it was end of April and I almost run out my bee$$$.

I'm just so poor (;__;)

For daily expenses, $ left was : 0. omg -_-

It's solved quickly actually because mama & fam came here for a visit!!

Okay, it wasn't totally a visit for me.
They had sorta stuff to settle and personal things, but other than that, I joined fam to walk and shop, and nomnommies♥

I had great time with fam in my exam weeks (lol okay). No even a single cent wasted when my mama was here, that's one good thing ;)

After she settled her stuff (and sis watched UKISS concert last Saturday) we had great time: shopping, food-hunting, watching movies, eye-cleaning (in the malls lol) and having lots of fun.

Food diary:

Batagor at Central Park, very good actually but EXTREMELY spicy (for me) argh D;

Shaved ice near by Binus -- too sweet eww D;

Everyone loves Mee Gajah Mada!! This one I ate at MKG 5. (MGM is always ex lul)

Best pork satay at outside MKG 1 (In my 20 years of breathing, this pork satay is the best). You must get it!

We went to Mangga Dua (got WTC-Chinatown, Pasar Pagi, Mall and ITC) and I spent most of my time on Mall and ITC. Mama and sis bought so many DVDs for their heart's content (mama is a movie lovers and sis is a five-star KPopper haha) ;D

I, surprisingly didn't buy any much there while before going I had plans to buy alot of things (you know Mangdu is just extremely cheap for anything--even Jogja is a bit expensive haha). We then took a look at some toy watches (just KW watches which are extremely cheap). Sis bought a 65K watch (which are just right and pretty!); then I was thinking maybe I should get a new watch too.

Well, so I stumbled upon a kiosk and this ahgor dragged me in so I could buy his watch. Well, there was this fancy toy watch that caught my eye (I think it's nice) then I asked him the price--he said 100K! Then me and mama discussed, and we tried to bargain "50K?". At first he didn't want and said "80K ok?". As I see and hold the toy watch, I know it wouldn't cost 80K because it was VERY LIGHT and looks cheap... But then we were about too see other kiosk and he then said "Agree 50K".

Argh, me and mama just couldn't avoid that anymore, we paid 50K for the toy watch--I think I should have bargained 20K first. Now that I feel it, it's VERY LIGHT and really, ugh, not durable.

Left is my sis' and right is mine.

To be honest, seeing it directly would give me a feel: it would spoil within 6 months -__-

Okay, it helps me a lot in my hectic days! It looks somehow nice as well as the fake-cheap-toy watch level. So if it spoils within months (which I hope it won't happen)--well, the price says everything.

Other than that, there was one surprising day.

Mama requested to borrow all my Rupiah savings (I have IDR, SGD and RMB savings) which was around 1,6 M in total. So I lent her that and who knew at that time she would buy something from that??

Brand new Baby!

Up until now I still don't know whether this baby is really mine or not (ugh I am thinking crazy) but she used all my IDR savings to buy this and she said she couldn't tahan of me having spoiled HP which can't be called almost everyday.

So my IDR savings is transformed to be a new HP!

Detail about my brand new baby in next post ;D though I still don't know what to write haha. A totally unexpected purchase.


Lots of love


  1. may i know where you're from? Are you indonesian? I stumble on your blog when I google about Binus.

  2. Good to see your lovely face again chingu:)
    and you made me hungry with those photos, you know :P
    I like your new baby^_^

    1. Heehee :D miss you chingu!!
      I will write more about new hp.. ^^

  3. Hi Konayachi~! Urayamashi na~ In Philippines, it's extremely hot. I wish it could rain..even just a little bit.

    By the way, congrats on surviving the hell exam week. Hope you'll gain lots of good grades! About your request, I'll blog a Jdrama maybe today..:D

    1. Same here! I feel like I want to swim like everyday... Haha XD Thank you~~ :D I hope I can get good grades.
      I'll check your reviews :3

  4. the watches are really cute and all the best for your exam results..!!

  5. Sorry for the late reply!! >__<
    I see a new handphone on your post though?? A new family member desu ne? XD
    Given schedule? I guess it's better that way for me, since I'm not really good at deciding things "orz Thanks! :D
    The word skripsi is making me scared, because all my high school teachers are describing it as if it's a harsh test or something. >__<
    I hope so!! XD Haha, thank you senpai! :D
    Ah, it's starting to get cool here by the way. It's really cold when it rains here. But it gets real hot too when it doesn't rain. Thank God I didn't sweat so much during UN XD
    yep2, and it was over a few weeks ago. I hope the results are satisfying >__<
    seriously?? No easter break? ._. Mine too, maybe that's why I get easter breaks.
    Aaahh, hearing all this is making me nervous, uni starts in 4 months >__<

    yess, exams ending is just such a bliss! XD
    I have that pink pen too by the way! (this is so random XD)
    The food looks tempting, I really have to avoid midnight snacking "orz nyahahaha XD
    The watch's really that bad? It looks good on the picture though, I like the color XD
    the phone looks so cool!! XD can't wait for the details from you :DD

    1. Hehe nevermind ;)

      Hahaha~ me too. I guess it's really nice that we don't need to worry about KRS thingies (ask other friends who are studying in other uni, they must decide schedules every sem) and we don't need to do anything, just attend classes and done :D

      IKR, even me who is almost 2 years here still scared and becoming more scared with skripsi omg -__- ehm I will have two skripsis (minor in 5th sem and final thesis in 7th sem) but only IS students have this, if you're IT maybe you'll have internship and something like that, but good thing is we will do it in group! XD~ long live computer science major!

      No easter break here haha :P even no mid sem break, after mid exam you'll just directly have classes and classes, every week 9 we have exhibition week for Entrepreneur class (Semester 3 and 4) and you'll have to attend some arranged activities~ You'll know that when you're here ^^ it will be fun don't worry :3

      Yeah 4 months~ Heehee >w< it will be fun!! Don't worry~


      Hahahaha~~ XD it looks nice the longer I use and see it actually and is cheap so no problem :3
      Hehehe~~ composing things now about new phone, though actually Idk what to write too xDD

      So what do you wanna do on holiday? :P

  6. Hello! Been a long time since we last chat XD
    Sorry I've always been mia-ing all of a sudden.

    btw, you look so sweet in your pictures! c:

    1. Hehe~ Don't worry! We need break and MIA sometimes ;D I kinda wanna escape and be free sometimes haha~

      Thank you~~! <3

  7. hi tects! my all the time fave pens :D


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