Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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My writing mood is far below the green line--I have nothing much to blog. Last few weeks of semester four is superly insane. 24 hours feel like 1 hour, 1 semester feels like 1 month. I don't even know how I spend my days everyday now...

One month left before my finals (which I remember short time ago I just had my mid terms exam haha). I've been living well, busy, trying-to-be-fit and lonely. Haha, how it actually is very easy to maintain healthy life within our busy days--I only need to grow big intention to live healthily and packed well.

Spend my early adulthood hecticly.

When I realize that most of young adult in their early 20s go to malls and clubs, drink and play. I don't even imagine myself doing that. I am the way too occupied with a lot of other things that are far from that kind of lifestyle--the lifestyle I am curious about.

How does it feel to be drunk and fainted? Like those pictures I've seen on the internet.
How does it feel to go play and dance until morning? 

I don't know, and maybe I won't know. I'm raised to be a bold, diligent and hardworking girl. I probably am curious about how does it feel and curious how fun do those things look--but I don't think I am interested in that kind of lifestyle.

I just love being like this--with nice friends and loving family, in a modest environment. Though to be honest, my soul is curious with those lifestyle and would like to try someday, when I am 'more adult' and 'more prepared' for those stuff.

I am super homesick and want to go to my parents house as soon as possible!

Latest selca-nyan--selca hobby has decreased a lot.

Went out play on Sunday--OOTD.

Binus Jazz festival downstairs--Saturday night for you if you have no date.

Eat this yum eggtart while watching~~~~guess what?

Classmate's birthday on Monday! (credit: Kevin).

Song of The Week

Lots of love


  1. aww this is a really cute post! ^_^

  2. I had a time like this in high school, well maybe not drinking and fainting, but partying.. and now when I think about it, I wonder where was my brain then^^ anyway I love my life calm like now. It's better, safer and you're not suffering in the morning from hangover XD~~

    and you know, you look sooo adorable at 1st selca :)

    1. Ahh was that nice? >_<
      My school was homogen so I never have that kind of promnite and party... No guys to light the party up, haha.
      I don't know how does that feel but though that looks pretty bad, I'm curious XD

      Thank you chingu<3


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