Monday, April 8, 2013



Life has been absurdly flying too fast--it's true when you have so many things to settle, you don't even be able to enjoy the wasted days away.

Which is sad.

I've been having nightmares for two days which affected me badly. I know I shouldn't be, but there's this thing called: something that bugs you. Is probably because of my too busy days so that I am having nightmares and even more, I almost skip a lot of quality sleep--I've been sleeping for 4 hours at maximum everyday these few days.

I promised to return on weekend--but I couldn't. Sorry for that, as I couldn't predict how hectic my days are lately! Well, I'll be less writing here for now ah, seeing the really, really scary schedules and assignments! OMG.


1.) Homeworks, uni and student council works
are pilling up like siao. I could now realize it that second year students are almost having no time to play. Last weekend, I barely had any fun because of huge piles of things I got to work: the poster for student council (which has 4 revisions up to this evening); Anapersil system (which my friend did that instead of me omg, I missed the discussion); the freelance job of inputing data to excel (which I still need to revise by tonight, I hope I can finish it in one shot!).

I don't exaggerating, do I? (;^◇^;)ゝ

I tried to settle everything as quick as possible~~I have started doing those things since Thursday but I don't get it, I was just able to finish everything by yesterday night!

I didn't even procrastinate, play or whatsoever, I did everything like mad--moreover I had bad arguments which made me badly cry, again (ish I'm just too stupid!) Backache is worsened now as I sit too much, and my small bed becomes a real heaven! If only you know that feeling.

I hope by experiencing this, I will REALLY TREASURE Sunday, Offclasses, GSLC, and summer 2,5 months holiday♪ (*’v`丱)☆

Last week I didn't sleep until around 5AM for ShangriLa analysing.

Himsisfo Competition 2013 poster I designed! I wonder if this will be pasted on uni's board everywhere??

2.) Early April's haul
I was supposed to SAVE $$$$ pretty tight now for my hp, but I couldn't help to buy these babies!! They're specially shipped to Indonesia for me, which I really am so happy to received them yesterday!! *A* Wasted almost half of my fortune for these very special monogoto♪

At least you know, it's Hello Kitty thingies!

Really excited to see that "JAPAN ONLY" word~~~~kyaa!

Though I am so happy to buy these little babies; I plan to give them as birthday gift to fatty ranger meow. It's a super secret!! (*^^*ゞ

Until then, I keep it as a secret even to my readers bcs I have this feeling that surprises are better remain unknown--(^^;)

I promise I'll upload the full photos when I've given the gifts, because they're just too cute to keep by myself!! OMG!!

You'll squeal when you see the real photos on my future posts, yakusoku~ (´∀`)ノノ

3.) LINE
Like finally, I registered LINE! Though my hp acted up so badly then, my sis was insisting me to register my phone number and as soon as I registered, I uninstall LINE asap from my phone and downloaded the PC version instead.

So, I haven't registered my LINE ID but if you have my phone number, you'll see me right away! (*^^*)

This convo was funny before I translated it and uploaded it! -_- My sis scolds me a lot.

I won't be replying so soon as I won't be 24/7 on line, but I'll try to check it once in a while.

4.) Crazy amount of... Clothes
Probably this is one new thing I need to pay attention of: My wardrobe barely has any more SPACE to keep my clothes!

Today after late school, I took care of my laundries and arranged my clothes (I hang them bcs my wardrobe is narrow and I must make use of extra space on the lower part to keep other things), to find out that my wardrobe is getting, like 100% full [○・`Д´・○]

I cannot imagine I have THESE MANY clothes, though I almost never use several clothes. Like, OMG, why do I have these many clothes (while honestly every morning it takes me hours to choose what clothes to wear XD); and excluding the dirty clothes I've accumulated last week, my wardrobe almost have no more space left for them.

It can no more looking tidy bcs it's just too full; I was thinking to donate it but my mama will usually say: You have clothes you never wear, you give them to me ah.

When I decided to reduce at least 40% of the clothes to obtain more spaces, I ended up couldn't find any clothes I want to pass on to mama; never really gave anything to her. -_-

I didn't buy clothes for too often, but mama really often buys me clothes so, probably, yeah. Our size are same; so she can wear my clothes, and I can wear hers. This time, I can't tahan to see this squeezed wardrobe. ☆ヾ(`Д´*)

I'll spare some time to select clothes that I want my mama to bring it home.

Even if I sell some, I should sell them at a VERY LOW price, even sell them with low price I doubt I'll have anyone interested to buy. Heehee XD

This week and next week, I'll be really occupied and hectic--through those days, I promise to stay healthy, happy, fulfilled and spirited! Thank you for the loads and loads of supports to me, I really am grateful for all of you~! I can never show how grateful I am Thank you, thank you for everything. I seriously consider to hold an event someday in the future (blog event) to show how grateful I am!

I end this post with disgusting picca of my hand--I am the way too clumsy on my whole life! *runs*

Have a nice week ahead to all of you ^^

Lots of love


  1. I really hope that hard work for you will end up soon.. you need some rest.. actually, a lot of rest ~~ When I tidy my wardrobe I always plan to donate some of my stuff ... but alaway I'm ending this so that I like, this I'll be wearing and all that blah blah blah, and eventually I donate maybe 3 things ... ehh someday I need to get rid of these scruples^^

    1. Heehee! ^^ thank you♥
      I am having exams soon therefore I need a little bit of hardwork these days >.<
      Same with me! I can't decide which one I can throw, end up liking all clothes despite of the fact that I never wear them XD
      I know I will need to get rid of those as well ^O^

  2. Ahaa thats cute! U got a sis also ^w^ and seriously, my life is too complex right to college transition~ hahaa though i still have few months left till college :) Take care ne!! :)

    1. Heehee!! Yesyes ^^♥
      I know you can do your best! School to college transition is surely a long way to go, it's best to do your best and enjoy it little by little, you'll miss school♥

  3. Omg, love your blog <3

    Do you want to follow each other?

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your nightmares. Personally, I don't like dreaming a lot because it always leaves me feeling tired and sleepless. Aww..feel better soon. I know how stressful that can be.

    And your gifts look cute~ Even if I can't see it.. Cmon, it's pink. So it's gotta be cute =w=

    Seems like you are really busy. Good luck with everything :D

    1. Yes I just hope I don't dream so much but just, my mind is really busy XD

      I will post about it someday♥ and it's really cute! Heehee XD actually I want to spoil the gift but I hold myself not to; haha :3

      Thank you♥♥


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