Saturday, April 13, 2013

One dandy Saturday★

My woov woov ponytail♥

One week before mid exam!

Now I think time passes super quick while few days ago I just felt that it passed really slowly, when I am about to hit the 'exam weeks'. Now all I got to do are suddenly like a huge pile--to study all materials, re-read the slides and books. Moreover, since I lagged in studying for few classes (not to mention those classes who are all about memorizing theories); I just got to put my best on it for the remaining week left.

The sky is very beautiful blue; but it's EXTREMELY HOT outside aww ^^ ;

Weather has been extremely hot and sunny lately! I find that really cheerful and nice (*^^*) although the sunshine burns my skin (and it hurts!) but to see the bright sky everyday when I am about to go to class (I go to classes on afternoon :P) it feels really good!

Feels like the nature is cheering me to go to class and study well~

Two classmates fell asleep lol; sorry for taking your piccas XDc

Today I have this very early morning class... Since we're getting used to go to school for afternoon to night class; we don't get used to wake up really early anymore hahah. So we usually would feel sleepy on classes, I'm not an exception!!

Especially theatre class! What can you expect? The really dandy, shiny Saturday you spend on auditorium with Database System (-__-) and the faint voice of the lecturer is like your lullaby~~~~I keep falling asleep too here *sigh*

Anyway, I gg do the housechores I've skipped for days now; and probably I'll go to jog awhile downstairs later (*^^*ゞ

Have a great weekend to all of you :D

Lots of love


  1. Ah I hate morning classes.. it's so hard to get up^^
    lend me some of that sun .. in my place there is only rain:(
    hope you had a good sleep:D

    1. *giving you warm sunshine*
      I had great rest lately thank you♥

  2. wow, your class in a theatre class ah? so good leh~ XD


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