Friday, April 12, 2013

My very first 'boyfriend'.

Okay! It's like the "Confession" post but this one is less serious ;)

I was browsing through old photos folder in my harddrive (luckily, I have so many of them which Idk how I could get them!). And anyway I found this picture, taken about 9 years ago.

From left: me, papa, sis and 'bf' gorgor.

When I was little, my parents often went overseas for working and such. I was left on auntie's house and stayed for a few days there. Cousins were my only childhood friends although we're at least 9 years apart.

But there's this one special biaoge I was so close with. Everytime I couldn't find him I'd cry and cry (what can you expect from a toddler? I was around 4 at that time) and noone could chill me until he appeared and carried me! I was calmed at once.

Can say, all my cousins saw that and said: this juan-juan so picky one ah! Only want SS gor to carry her. (is his name, initial-ed for privacy)

Other cousins reported that to mama:
"See ah, your daughter is taught to have boyfriend."
"Careful, he's a playboy kaki." and laughed, 'boyfriend' gorgor was mad when heard that.

Since that time everyone concluded that me and SS gor were dating.
Not serious la!! Please doh.

But at that time, I thought that seriously. Everytime we went play or makan, I always want to sit by him, I brought him to MacDonald's playground (the one inside a restaurant, for toddlers one). I was happily played and since he's a high-schooler the playground size didn't suit him anymore. But anyway he went in with me!

I never got close with other biaoges, only him. Other biaoges brought me to take a walk and see circus, I didn't want to and cry. SS gor took me home to play dance machine together, I could play for hours and hours; LOL.

Then he said: wah, this juan-juan is so picky in guys, who will be her future 'lucky guy'?

I didn't laugh when I heard that. -__- okay, to be honest I didn't understand at that time. One trait of mine I couldn't help is I am super picky, even until now. I am a peaceful person but I couldn't help me being so picky ahah.

So then, if I remember that now I would chuckle heartily remembering those sweet days! Not the love love one, but more like 'siblings-relation' which we were very close and he was really really caring!! Of course the 'love love' thing between cousins wouldn't last, what would you expect -_-

Now we're not close anymore, he got married three years ago with a sweet girl. The jiejie was very friendly and we often had a chat about korean dramas! I'm so glad he met her, they're sweet couples. (^__^)

But oops, don't think this is the forbidden first-blood related love NAH! We only had this 'immature sibling relationship'. I exaggerated when I said 'very first boyfriend'.

Lots of love

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