Sunday, April 21, 2013

Keep calm and Stay fit◆


Hectic days will always bring me to unhealthy lifestyle. I admit I've been living unhealthily ever since... I don't know.

That day I saw myself on mirror and blamed my past self: "what have you done to me?" Haha I admit it's one of my worst shape now, I guess? (-_-)

Tees are gettin sexier and sexier; they get so tight until you barely can see space between your flesh and the Tee. I barely see any sexy curves anymore? The honey thighs now have become elephant thighs People used to tell me that I have this bagel body but as I am getting older now, I have become out of shape!

I used to have fit body (I was never thin; just fit. I was around 57kg/165cm around 3-4 years ago and I just loved that) and I have increased more than 20% now! Whoa, that sounds really bad I know. I never expect I'd really be this thick through those days, I guess I lack of motivation.

The buni buni tummy becomes like, ah, you see that? I seriously thought as homeworks are pilling up and quizzes and exams, I'll at least maintain my weight but see! I don't even know why--I super lack of exercise. Once a week and less nowadays, which I think: I need to change this! When I saw myself, I cannot stand it anymore. I need change!

Setting up daily diet plan, organizing small exercise and keeping ambitions up; I should really stick to what I used to be. I want to do cosplay on my 3 months semester break on July and I hope by then, I'd already lose quite kgs since all anime charas are really, really, super skinny! Not to mention those super skinny chara in Code Geass *super jelly*

Though I won't do harsh dieting or do pills; I'll just do healthy eating and exercises, sleep early and wake early, have much more water than before and maintain positive attitude. I know my dieting process will be slow as hell, but I don't want to rush. I just want permanent result.

I promise to write a post about my success in losing weight someday in the future! It's a promise to myself! (≧∪≦) I need to be strict for this matter.

What my mama said keeps supporting me: You don't want to look fat on graduation party right?

Okay I need to work out! It's still a really long way to go but I gotta work it out seriously now, I've started but haven't taken it too seriously, it's time to continue my work here!

Jiayou (ノ´∀`)ノ

Lots of love

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