Thursday, April 18, 2013

Messy high ponybraids◆


Do you have a bad hair day and run out ideas of what to do?
You're no good in making messy bun; or your hair doesn't support to look messy and cute at one time?

Okay; I faced that problem yesterday.

I wanted to make an easy messy bun; a cute one with ribbon but I failed. I never, even once, to succeed in creating a perfect messy bun (teenagers dilemma on me omg haha). My hair is the way too thick, stiff and straight so the bun turned out really sleek and tight. That even showed the bad hair aspect, right? Haha.

So I decide to have experiment with ponytails.

◆Messy high ponybraids◆
genre: playful
difficulties: very easy
purpose: bad-hair-day saver

Steps I did:

1.) made a high ponytail; I made a loose one because I couldn't tahan tight ponytail--my head aches so much even from light pressure.
2.) tried to mess the base and tip hair from the bond but it failed--my hair is too thick for light fall.
3.) first experiment with braids; it's too tight so it hurted so much--took it off.
4.) second experiment with braids; made it much looser--turned out perfect! Yay!

To avoid hairstyle turns out loosen more and more and force you to redo everything; secure the bond with bobby pin (just use 1 or 2 of them) so it won't turn too loose. Mine wasn't secured with anything so by 7PM it was super messy and I must tahan that look until I'm home (at few minutes to nine, wow).

Probably you can make this hairstyle as a new choice (ノ´∀`)ノ♪

Do you have favourite hairstyles?

Lots of love


  1. I always have a bad hair day.. ehh XD
    can't wait when my hair grow so I then I can tie them like that... now I'm doing only hairbun..actually I alwas did this (from always) because it's easy and quick^_^

    1. XD but I think your hair is easy enough to manage, which is good! I think by letting it loose is great :3 I hope you make hairbun tutorial! ^w^


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