Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gaming Artist assistant★


It was a coincidence (≧∀≦)

I never thought to become a Gaming Artist, ever.
Me doodling and drawing are all pure hobby, I have no intention to become an artist.

I had a chat with my uni friend from IT major, I was asking about tablet problems (mine loses pressure so doodling turns ugly).
I asked where to buy Wacom in Jakarta, but we ended up chatting about doodling and things.

Then he asked me whether I can help his team in CG (Color Graphic)-ing the OC (Original Chara)s for the game project; since he said it's really difficult to find person who at least have the 'passion' to doodling and drawing beside design students.

We know how hectic it is to become a design students!
Especially at Binus, I hear design students are really sleepless and they're just like a zombie everyday, living without proper sleep until they graduate (/。\)
Ah, at least I still can sleep on Sunday.

So, he thinks that I'm a "rare found" since I'm not a design student who has passion in anime drawing and CG-ing (though I am still learning a lot ya); and asked me whether I could help his team to CG-ing the gaming project, since there's no colouring artist on his team.

What do you think?

Without considering my super hectic semester now, I accepted the offer! (艸*゜v`☆)

Doesn't it sounds very cool?? "Gaming Artist" assistant

I haven't planned everything how to divide things between uni, exercise, social life and gaming artist--okay it sounds a bit siao now (-__-) to think, I will manage my time well since it's my only chance to take it!

The one and only Gaming Artist experience is now! So I decided to take it.

And now, my social life is at stake (/。\)
since I have another thing to settle this semester, not to mention a lot of company projects, system projects and tons of homeworks everyday.

And Student Council starts to be active again this semester, I have the job to design the poster and flyer (which will be spreaded everywhere on Binus).

Woah woah, design-related job again!

Can my day be any better than this??

I've been longing to design so much and am given this much chances to work on~~~~many many thank you is shouted in my mind (*´∀`*)

P.S: Comments are moderated and will be replied by the weekend; thank you (*^^*
Hopping to bed now, 大家晚安!

Lots of love


  1. Waaaa mau mau mau !!!
    saia kan anak SI yg suka design jugaaa , waaaa
    lucky you

    hwaiting !

    1. Heeheehee XD seru loh!!
      thank you~~! :3

  2. wow nice!! good luck in the game! I want to see it!! ^_^ can I?

    1. I promise I will write everything about it when it's done!! :D you can see everything later on

  3. Omg, that sounds awesome and like so much fun! :D

    1. I know! It may sound hard but I'm more excited and fun than scared :D

  4. sebagai anak desain *ehek*, tugasnya kalo dikerjain H-2 itu pasti hampir ga bakal tidur haha kecuali orangnya suka nyicil pekerjaan LOL. dipost yah karyanya nanti. ;)

    1. Ahhh o.O sdngkn saya jarang nyicil2 gituan; ga bakal niat kl kerjain h-3 ++ XD
      Makasih, tar aku post kl udah beres semua ehehe

  5. Waaaaaahhh congrats twinnie! All the best for your new "task"! :3

  6. OMG. You are so lucky. That sounds really really cool! Take it take it take it~


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