Monday, April 15, 2013


My first view when I'm awake from dreamland.

It's surprising that lately I've been awake really early (despite of the fact that I sleep super late--1AM is the earliest). (ノ´∀`)ノ

Body seems like having adrenaline rush and everyday excites more than anything else. I try to configure some reasons but there's nothing much happening lately--assignments, quizzes, std council works, freelances, anything else?

Probably my parents are coming here in a week? (there will be a post about this yay.)
Probably exams are getting closer? (and it's not a reason for me to get excited --")

I don't know.

Even today I am awake at 5:30AM (consider it early for me ahaha) and can't fall back to sleep. I then decided to do morning chores--like the one I neglected lately due to assignments. Finished all of it just now and still feel so drugged, nothing is wrong with me right? (;^◇^;)ゝ

Anyway it's a great sunny morning! Feel so happy to see the "sunbeams streaming through the leaves of trees" or I'd say it more briefly: 木漏れ日. It's so calming and really gives me a lot of strength I need to survive this Monday.

Ehehehe (≧∀≦)♪

I found several recipes while I was googling for ERP Architecture for my assignment due this Tue (very irrelevant right? omg). And some of them are super easy and looks so delicious!! My hands are really really itchy to cook *argh* like frustrating hands cannot cook and satisfy my gastric.

I definitely will cook once I'm back to my parents house  (*’v`丱)☆ It's very inconvenient to cook here.

The recipes I just found are:
* pork siewmay
* something like tomato soup (my biaojie cooked this before yum!)
* chicken katsu
* something like beef schotels
* broccoli & egg casserole
* fried meatballs (chicken, pork, and mixed)
* lasagna (my papa made this before and was great! I guess I won't need this recipe)
* spaghetti bolognaise (would be similar with lasagna)
* simple meatloaf
* coffee bar (cookies!)
* doufu mushroom with douchi sauce

I have already gotten the recipes, now just wait for the time I can cook heartily and *crossfinger* hopefully the result will be great (*^^*ゞ

Have a great Monday everyone!

Do you want me to post my cooking experiments here? 
If so, how do you like it to be written? Step-by-step photos, or result photo only?

Lots of love


  1. Boleh2, share donk cerita masak-memasaknya...step by step is preferable, hehehe...

  2. Maybe you're waking up early because it's near the exams and your internal clock is 'programmed' to wake you up? Well at least you feel great even if you lack sleep. :3

    OMFG. Those recipes look so yummy. I'm kinda interested with the Cofee Bar. :D I'm sure your readers would love to see your cooking escapades. :D

    1. I guess so! >.> body never stops worrying about exams ahaha~
      Coffee bar sounds really nice as well to me I'll try to make it x) heehee. just wait


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