Saturday, March 23, 2013

We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Despite of me in recovering state, this week I live super unhealthily (ノ~o~)ノ

Tired selca-nyan of today━━☆

Mother nature kicks tummy really hard this time (due to sickness last week I had trouble with this now), hormones are popping and super huge and inflamed pimple on my chin is growing rapidly. Being a clumsy, I hit my chin with table, chair, doors and anything hurts, possible.

Oh my~ ( *´ノェ`)

Cover it with plaster which seems to be designed for asian skin since it's very yellowish and it doesn't blend with facial skin tone, which looks ugly (;^◇^;)ゝ

My cute flu capsules left *(´∀`)ノノ*

Guilty pleasure! I promise these two are my last cans!

These also~~~~my last for this year, ever!

Foods are being so random--I am not allowed to eat vegetables for a while because my intestine is recovering therefore it shouldn't work hard to digest fiber first. I have little choices other than vegetables my usual meals, so I buy a lot of snacks--which are VERY HIGH in calories and fat  (,,゚Д゚)∩

OMG, I promise myself to have a hard exercise after I'm recovered completely (; ̄◇ ̄)

This semester's global timeline~~~~This semester is surely short one.

Assignment board starts to pill up high (or thick)~!

Semester four kicks in hard already (-_"\) I start to get real hectic, is like mad. Though class are dismissed at about 7PM, I usually reach home at around 8PM due to things I got to settle outside after the poor traffic jam (dinner, laundry, other businesses) which I can have a total rest at earliest 10PM after bathe and dinner (*+_+)ノ

Open my notebook and see all messy notes I should renote--ar, just very tired and wait for weekend to renote all of it. My commitment to study every night flies like that~~~~body just won't listen to me! *bad me*


Writing daily expenses before sleep, and praying--I now do it half-heartedly, sadly. (Grandpa pls forgive me for the random prayings lately since I am very tired) Somehow I almost fall asleep on table almost every night (´0`)ゞ

Though I sleep pretty early nowadays--at around 11PM - 12AM lately, which usually because of my mama's daily call to me at night (we surely discuss a lot of things lately a?); and I often fall asleep on phone (/0 ̄) to wake up pretty late the next day (at around 9-10AM) and do the missed housechores the night before like washing, sweeping, mopping, cleaning, etc., and etc.

That day, I was the only girl on the bus!! Plus a Korean guy sat beside me *O*

Theatre class today; was a game to play about SQL's syntaxes (-.-")

Waiting for bus and was being so bored and sleepy!

It is VERYYYY hot today Idk why!

Earth hour is being held @ BS today!

BS is holding "Earth Hour" event for today, electricity are temporarily shut down for a while and there are few events held downstairs until midnight--sounds so fun right (p^-^)p ♪

I am just home after tiring classes from morning to afternoon, and going back to uni again to do things until around 6PM. I don't think I'd share the joy downstairs I still have so many housechores to settle~ (/ ̄ー ̄)/

I was thinking probably I need refreshment; but uneasiness kills and I can't bear it so I'll just settle everything before I have my rest.

Sentences I always say to myself:
We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work;
To work is to use our body to do something productive which I will reap the fruit;
You can tahan this!! You can!!;
Chances are coming once; the best is usually the earliest;

Just so I can bear my tiredness and fatigues and keep on working on my productive days happily~

Logging off to bathe━━━━Have a nice Saturday night for all of you!
*wink wink*

Lots of love


  1. Oh my dear! I hope you get well soon! (> o <)
    I miss reading your blogs! it's been a long time! (;o;)
    the capsules are really cute! hihi (^ u ^)

    1. Heehee! <3 fully recovered by now ^^
      Miss you~~! It's been a while keke
      Yesyes it's very cute to eat xD

  2. Hope you feel better soon! >u<
    Also, it's nice to see photos of your typical day. c: I'd love to see more~

    And thank you for the quote! >u< I really needed to hear that. *A*

    1. Thank you I'm at my best now! ^^
      I will post more~~~~interesting photos heehee :3

      Glad it helps~ <3

  3. get well soon! :) and gosh those pills really do look horrible!
    and oh my god? seriously you did theater on SQL???!!!!!! :O must have been hilarious! :D

    1. Heehee!! Yup it was interesting :D
      Though I wasn't paying too much attention, I was sleepy xP

  4. Oh gosh your pictures are so cute. Haha. I can see a panda plushie peeking in the first photo. :p And I've never seen cuter medicines before ~ <3

    I hope you'll have full recovery soon! Calorie-filled foods are so yummy though. :P Don't miss veggies too much. XD

    And aww looks like you're gonna be busy again, good luck~

    1. Heehee~~!
      Panda plushie peeping I never realized that until you told me~~ XD omg!
      I'm fully recovered now ty ^^ !
      I guess I shouldn't miss vegs too much XD

  5. Nice blog ! you have here

    I love your blog kind to follow me and comment my blog >>>>Interesting post too

  6. lol, hahaha XDD
    You're right though. But I'm hoping to find a phone with good specs with good price too XD
    Thank you senpai~! It's the same here, having a very hectic schedule especially at this kind of time >_<
    Everyday? I thought uni was only like 4 or 5 days per week? ._. lol, it's okay then XD
    I'm taking IT though ._. I'm planning to stay in BS for my first year with a friend, then will see for the next few years after I get familiar with Jakarta XD
    ah, I thought lecturers are same per year. There's still so much stuff I don't know about uni x__x

    Looking at all your uni pictures make me nervous >__< It's a few months away now XD
    It's also hot over there? It's SO HOT over here everyday. I kept on sweating during the tryouts and UAS, thankfully the answer sheet didn't catch any of my sweat, hahaha XD
    I really love about how you think positive about everything! Reading your blog motivates me! XD

    1. Me too me too~ ;A; still finding until now *sigh* it's been so long since I ranted about wanting a new hp XD
      Uni is like the scheduled is given to us (in Binus) other uni we decide our own schedule (KRS) :P
      if you're lucky you'll get longer weekend, or unlucky like me (thu-fri off but sat full classes XD)
      icic IT good luck haaahaa! x)
      I plan to move out as well XD my skripsi is twice (sem 5 and 7) so I need to be with my fren often since BS is far from uni so a bit inconvenient :P
      Slowly you will know about it don't worry ^^ *patpat*

      Haha don't worry! I felt nervous at that time too~ but when you enjoy the classes (and lecturers are mostly fun!!) you'll forget the nervous feeling. You can always find me to help you with anything though ^^ ;
      VERYVERY hot here!! superly hot Idk why though it rained today XD ahh it would be bad if the answer sheet sweated too XD

      Tonikaku your UAN will be mid April right~~? Goodluck and all the best!! teehee ;)

  7. hello there! just bloghopping! ;DD
    take care. God bless! ^^


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