Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tutorial #3: Installing Compiere 3.3 on Windows 7.

Hello! It's been so late here (midnight) but I'm still awake working on this tutorial.

I've been working on this tutorial for days (maybe bcs I am too noob? -.-) but then I've created this as simple as possible since I know everyone would love simple things right?

Don't complicate it bcs it's very complicated already!

So I'm now here explaining about how to install Compiere 3.3 on Windows 7.

Compiere is an open source ERP and CRM business solution for the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) in distribution, retail, service and manufacturing. Compiere is distributed by Consona Corporation and through a Partner Network, a collection of trained and authorized business partners. -wikipedia.

If you're majoring in IS, and minoring in Applied ERP there will be a time you will download this open source software. I hope this simple tutorial will help you (*^_^*)

I've been through days and nights, trials and errors until finally I successfully compose this tutorial. *recorded applause*

Before installing your Compiere, make sure that you've installed Oracle XE and JDK 1.6.

You must also install JDK 1.6 in your laptop. But that doesn't need particular tutorial I think bcs installing that is very easy! ^O^

Firstly, head to this page to download JDK 1.6.

Don't download the JDK 1.7 because it's incompatible with Compiere 3.3. Scroll down and you will find JDK 1.6.

Download it and install it properly :D

Registering is optional, you may skip the registering step. :P

When both softwares are installed properly, now let's prepare ourselves to install Compiere 3.3! *inhale* *exhale*

Installing Compiere 3.3 for Windows 7

Firstly, download the Compiere 3.3 package at Compiere.com website. (Register yourself first before downloading).

After that, extract the package and place the Compiere2 folder to drive C: .

When you're done, right click on My Computer and choose Properties.

On the right side you will see several menus, click on Advanced system settings.

You will see newly opened window : System Properties.
Head to Advanced table, then click on Environment Variables.

You will see window like below.

On the System Variables panel, click on New... , and you will have to create new variable.

Create two new variables as shown below.

For COMPIERE_HOME variable, type in the value as the location of the Compiere2 folder which we have placed before.

For JAVA_HOME variable, type in the value where the jdk 1.6 folder installation is placed. If you use default location, mind to check the location as shown above will probably the same with yours. But pls check to make sure of it and type in the address of your jdk 1.6 location.

After you've created both new variables, click OK and close the window.

After you're done, head to Compiere2 folder.
Find "RUN_setup" file and double click on it.

A scary console will appear!
Let it run for a while... And shortly the Compiere Server Setup window will appear.

Here, there are two fields that you need to fill in and change.

First, the Database type.
If you installed Oracle XE as your database client, change the Database type to OracleXE.
Otherwise, you may synchronize it by yourself.

Fill in the system password with the password you entered before on Oracle XE installation.

Make sure you've changed both fields marked below.

After you're done, click Save.

There will be another dialogue pops up!
You don't need to change anything here, just click the green tick mark there.

Eventually your firewall will warn you about some software activities, just click Allow Access for easier process.

After clicking the green tick mark, the Server setup will test the fields whether it's right or not.

After that when it's done, click on Save and there will be new window appears.

Yes, I Understand and Accept. :P

You can OK that dialogue.

Then this window will appear.
Click on Check available Applications for checking new applications which are available to install.

Compiere Standard 3.3.0 will appear on the table.

Click on the green tick mark to proceed with installation.

Another Yes, I Understand and Accept =.=

Click on Start File Installation.

This process takes quite a while.
You can snack first, go to toilet first, eat first, sleep first, etc.

Your antivirus might act up sometimes.

I am using Microsoft Security Essential as my antivirus. But it never sounds at all since the first time I bought this laptop. There are two possibilities:
First: My laptop is really, squeaky clean with no virus at all (very healthy!) or
Second: The antivirus is very lousy so it never detects any virus aiyo (>.<)

Just proceed with the usual action you do with your antivirus, and continue the poor Compiere installation ok? :)

After a while, the file installation will be done and there will be a new button below, Start Create new Database.

Click on it, and wait for a while more~ *be patient*

When you're done, there will be a Compiere Support window appear, click on the red cross mark to close it.

Up until here, you have successfully installed your Compiere 3.3 to your computer--yay!

Then, now let us test the Compiere (to make sure it works).

Head to the Compiere2 folder, then go to utils folder.

Open the folder and you'll find RUN_Server2 file.

It will be the application's console launcher. You may send it to desktop as a shortcut or anywhere you can access it.

Anyway when you double click on RUN_Server2, a console will appear.

Don't close the console as it should be kept running to let Compiere client application fully works. :D Just minimize it.

Do you see the highlighted words on the console?
Take a note of it as it will be used to access the Compiere client application via browser.

After minimizing the console, head to your browser.
On the address bar, type in :


Replace yourpc with the words you find in the console you've run before.
Like mine, the word is KONAPPLE on the console so I should type in http://konapple/admin on my browser.

The Compiere Launch page will appear!

Click on Click Here to Webstart Me Now!

When you see the dialogue window above, choose Open with instead of Save, and click OK.

After that, you will see a new window : Compiere Connection.

(I missed this step that's why I never captured the window but on your first time launching it will appear!)

Click on Test Application Server to run the test, and after it's tested, the database parameter are populated and tested automatically. 

Click on the green tick mark to continue, and you'll find this window.

Type in UserID : GardenAdmin and Password : GardenAdmin (case sensitive).
Click on the green tick mark to continue

Click on the green tick mark to continue.

Again, click on the green tick mark to continue.

Finally, the main window of Compiere!

Now you can run the Compiere client application properly :)

Good luck in installing Compiere 3.3 ~~~~ it's one of the MOST COMPLICATED application I've installed.
I installed another complicated application before, xD

I hope it helps.

Lots of love


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