Monday, March 18, 2013

Things you regret doing.


Have you ever felt that you want to turn back time and change everything?

You know that moment when you regret things you did in the past and just want to exchange everything you have to change that 'moment'?

I know, the stuffiness feeling you have in your throat that make you want to cry because you just want to turn back time and change everything? 

Sadly I feel that at the moment.

I always convince myself to do my best on everything so that I never regret my past. 
I've always been so happy for everything I've done up until now.

Probably when I'm much older, I'd think it's just something stupid I did due to my immature soul, but now it still affects me a lot. *sigh*

I may state things I've been regretting doing it in past month: 1.) Chose teammate for certain class, I really regretted it that I chose to be a friend rather than the other friend! (Cannot mention any further) and it can't be changed now; 2.) Disobeyed my parents, they vigorously warned me not to do particular thing, cough, but I sneaked and I did it and now I regretted it! Wanted to turn back time and told my old self not to do that but it's too late!

But probably I've found out how to release the regret feeling:

Move on.

There are tons of 'move on' quotes there and all of them are beautiful. But as we know that memories last forever, there's nothing we can do to forget them (unless you're hitting your head to a concrete wall lol which I am not that stupid enough) but one way--is to defeat your fear and regretful feeling.

It's not easy to overcome it at first, but by steady mind, and positive heart--slowly it's easier to let go, slowly it becomes easier to move ahead and rather than regretting the things I've done in the past, live today and make the best of it!

I think I pay lesser attention to my study that's why I'm so galau-ing x) Ever since I skipped days due to sickness, lazy virus attacks! Aiya~

Almost one month since uni restarting! About 3 months to go to my next semester break~ 3 months sounds so short and quick but really, even one month passes so slow in my mind. (*^q^*")

I'll find more fun things to write~^^

Lots of love


  1. recently, I feel the same way. In the last year I've done so many things that effects appear now .. oh well .. I think I'll start to build a time machine keke^^
    yeah it's so easy to say move on but so hard to do that...

    1. Heehee!! I want a time machine too you know :3
      I know it's just hard to do but let's try it--move on! :D

  2. All that you said is so truth.
    I want change some things on my life too.


    1. Yes~ Probably by changing the things we're doing now since we can't change past :D

  3. Having that feelings lately... bad one

  4. maybe things to regret but its happened xD oh well

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc?
    let me know ^^ visit my blog ^^

  5. I know what you mean! I feel like that too. Always. Regret is one of the worst feeling ever. If I could only turn back time, I'm willing to exchange my remaining life span for it >.<

    It's very hard to move on. But well, we don't really have a choice than to do so.

    1. Yesyes I sometimes think of changing my lifespan for that as well omg we think the same!!
      I never know whether it's granted or not~

      Yup~ Though it's hard move on is the only way :)


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