Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My first surgery experience♥


I was browsing through folders to folders in my hard drive (which I have kept since around 2008!) and I found some blog drafts I composed years ago on my old blog.

I won't tell you about all my old blogs though they're too lame and embarrassing.

I was writing about my first surgery experience ever! Wow, so much memories when I read about it. Since I want to cherish it forever, this post is dedicated to that story:

My first surgery experience♥
(without editing).

    It started on January, 29th 2008...

    Actually I wanted to do the surgery on January, 22th 2008. But at that time, I had stupid period so the dentist suggested me to delay the surgery.

    I wanna wear braces, because of that I must take out all of my wisdom teeth in my gum because my jaw is too small for them to fit in, so they ruin my teeth structure. If I am about to wear braces, I must take all of them out so my braces won't be a waste of time, pain and money. At 5 o'clock I went to the dentist. I was sooo scared. I thought he will anesthecy me... And I'll sleep for a few hours.

    But I was wrong...

    He gave me five tablets of pills and asked me to drink it. I was so scared at that time... Sniffsniff. and after the patient before me left out, I entered the surgery room with gorgor... Honestly, I wanted to faint at that time. You know, all that I know about surgery is... blood and cut cut cut :(

    I sat on the dentist chair, and then the dentist prepared the anesthesia. I was sooo scared no cure! He asked me to open my mouth :O and then he injected the anesthecy directly without warning!! It hurted!! No lie!! I was dying and wanted to go home and eat something good.

    While I waited the anesthesia to be spreaded, the dentist assistant checked my blood pressure. My blood pressure was 100/70. Don't know whether it's normal or not.

    After that, we waited for several minutes... and my left part of my face started to feel numb because the dentist will take the left teeth first. Noooo! After that we started the surgery. Aww it was scary! I must open my mouth widely, and I started to feel very very scared. The dentist used a small knife to cut the gum. (Because all my wisdom teeth don't grow, they stayed inside my gum so dentist must perform surgeries to take all of them!) I could feel my gum was torn... TORN, CUT AND BLED. I could feel the blood although I could not taste it. But I could feel that my mouth was full of those sticky sticky blood EWW! I wished that I fainted and fell asleep at that time because I was too scared.

    Luckily I felt no pain at all. I guess its a luck? The surgery was so fast. The doctor took a drill to cut my teeth, A DRILL!?; because the tooth was very horizontal so it was difficult to take. And they must cut it into several pieces. Poor wisdom tooth was being massacred.

    The drill was so noisy. I'm so scared! I thought the drill could cut my gum. But I was wrong. I know the dentist was so professional. :) And after they cut my teeth, they started to take the pieces it one by one. Yikes yikes yikes! When it's finished, the dentist "sew"ed my gum. SEWed!! They used alot of black thread, because the bleeding didn't want to stop. :( I think they cut my gum too wide!! But after that, I finished my first operation.

    The dentist assistant gave me an instruction to rub my swollen cheek with ice and other things I couldn't remember. I could feel my cheek was swollen. And it's disturbing me for several days. But I'm so happy I could pass the first surgery well. I'll come back to take out the thread the following week.

    The following week, the dentist took out the thread from my gum. Once again, I was like a scaredy cat! aiyo aiyo. Because he didn't use any anesthecy. And when dentist said : the pain is very very bearable o, don't worry! I trusted him! And it was SO PAINFULLLL and I bled again!! Haha.

    The next two weeks, I came back to the dentist to have the second surgery for the right side. I was a bit relaxed at that time because I already know the pain. I enjoyed the anesthesia and the first cut. Eventhough I was still a bit scared...  But I guess all were fine fine~

    Until when the dentist wanted to take the wisdom tooth. It seemed that it was a bit difficult to take it. He used a VERY big tool, and I could feel its very very very painful, I think it hit my nerves. Almost cried!! That's true. When I said that it was painful alot, the dentist injected me anesthesia liquid again. And cut my gum again... Wider and wider till I almost lost conscious. That's very scary... I will never forget it...

    But lucky me, the thread was not too much I don't know why. I could feel pain for more than a week... And unfortunately, I got SOOOO MANY ULCERS after that! That's the worst thing. I got more than 20 ulcers below my tongue. That's the worst week I ever have. I cannot speak nor talk, even for eat, even for swallowing saliva, even breathing is painful. I lost a few KGs (yay).:D

    But a week after the thread being taken, I feel great! :) I really enjoy it!! Not much difference though but since that day, I no longer have my lower wisdom teeth.

Okay, probably my english was still lame and too formal but then when I remember that time, it was super scary!

Had my braces on March on the same year and took it off one year later--I think I wanna save money for invisalign~ My teeth is messed again now it's not pretty. :/

Have any of you had surgeries before? What do you think about it?

Lots of love


  1. OMG...it was so scary...
    I have never got surgery...yet...but I think I will, soon...>_<

  2. aw, you're so pretty. I've had teeth surgery too, you're lucky you had them for only one year... I had to wear them for 4 years omg!! ><; But luckily they're out now :)

    1. Thank you!
      Ahh 4 years is surely long~~ but you've taken it out right? Yay! The feeling of freedom from braces is so nice :3
      I plan to wear it again though, 1 year apparently is too quick to take it off :O

  3. Ahh dentist are evil.... I hate dentists, I have a childhood trauma^^~~ I had chills the whole time when I read your post XD

    btw love your hair at this selca:)

    1. Aww! It's so bad then, maybe you just need to extra care of your teeth at home so you don't need to go dentist regularly :P My last visit to dentist was around 2009 hahaha xD

      I am sorry if you have chills!! *hug*

      And thank you <3 it's before-shower hair xD

  4. OMG! that was very scary! Thinking that you know your mouth is filled with blood.. omo! I recently experienced that too. I feel like I'm going to break down then because I think I lost too much blood in it and the smell of blood makes me wanna throw up. >.<

    1. Yesyes scary I know!
      I still rmb it's very scary~ Especially to be conscious when we're under surgeryyyy ahh :x yea and to smell the blood is~~~~ugh! I was enduring the smell and the feeling of sticky blood at that time >_<

  5. I think your old post is great! :) I super like it! I love going to dentist when I was a kid (about 7 or 8 years old), excited to remove my some of my tooth permanently. (I'm a weird, I know haha!) they look like sharks teeth when they were removed. My dentist was really nice hihi. Though I haven't heard a really bloody surgery like your before, or is it just because I always close my eyes during my surgery. Haha, mine is bloody as well, but not as bloody as yours. :) I had braces before, and I wish I could wear them again someday! XD hihi

    1. Heehee <3
      Ehh why did you remove your tooth? o.O Probably it was better that way right? My dentist was deciding whether he wanted to take off more of my tooth but then said no need, see first... I am glad your dentist was nice!! My dentist was nice as well but I was scared, still xD I never opened my eyes when the surgery took place.
      It wasn't supposed to bleed too much, Idk why mine bled so much, probably bcs my blood is not as thick as it's supposed to be~ he said. Probably it's very very thin xD

      I plan to wear again someday too! :3 *hi5*

  6. uwaaah~ kowaii. I'm sorry you have to go through that. That sounds really scary. And that was very brave of you. ;A;

    m someone who got really nervous just by going for a check up, so I don't think I can ever handle it. I've never had a surgery and if I'll ever have one, I prefer to be unconscious. ;A;

    I think the reason why you can't be unconscious is because you might choke on the blood..

    1. Heehee xD

      I was surprised I could hold on to all of those things~~ Well, things might sound scary but when you experience it by yourself it would feel much better!

      Unconscious might be a good option! Wish I could be that way when I had my surgery xD


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