Thursday, March 28, 2013

If I were a flower, I would be..

a tall sunflower🌼

grateful and full of appreciation,
undoubtful loyalty;
an inside-proud who stands tall facing the sun;
bright and cheery, bold yet comfortable,
I wish to stand on the top of the mountain and face the world.

Probably my favourite flower ever : sunflower.

I have always been adoring sunflower--they're so bright and pretty!
Probably it resembles optimism, loyalty and bright personality which I value so much.

Days have been really hectic lately (/。\)♪
so I couldn't really find anything much to write here for now.
But good thing is, I'm recovered by now and being so productive  o(^∀^)o
I'll settle my exercise schedule and be fit--and steady◆


The pink dusk sky I took the other day--isn't it beautiful♬ (ノ´∀`)ノ


Lots of love


  1. Yes sunflowers are really pretty and extraordinary actually~~^^ and it's great that you're recovered:)

  2. Wow, lu bisa berapa bahasa, Xiao?
    Bisa bahasa Jepang juga? *kagum melihat dua kalimat paling bawah*

  3. thanks and you're welcome! :))
    I love your eyes! You're pretty <3
    Followed your blog btw. ^^


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