Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get involved with strangers.


Today I experienced something new twice!

Late at night when I was about to go bathroom to brush my teeth (bathroom is located outside of my room) then I saw a few of my neighbors were on the corridor. They seemed to be the new foreigner neighbors.

Last time I had Korean neighbors and now seemed like they're Thais.

I didn't bother to look at their business then I walked straight to brush my teeth. When I returned, seemed like one of those Thai neighbors almost fainted in the corridor! Panic panic!

I was shocked and low my speed of walking, seemed like she was really ill as one of her friend supported her in standing up.

I kept on walking toward my room and my mind shouted at me at that time:

Help her with medicines!

I ran to my room and searched my medicine bags for shi qi you. It took me quite long then when I found it and was about to go to corridor to give it to her without hesitating.

I handed her the oil and then she looked at me.

Gosh, I didn't know what I am supposed to say at that time, my body just reacted to help my neighbor which at that time I intended to help her feel better with my medication oil. I know she must feel scared and weird to see me as a stranger who weirdly happened to hand her something like a small bottle of medication oil.

I was thinking: I hope I don't look like I give her poison or something~~~~! (>.<)

I told her to keep it and told her to give it a whiff, and or rub her chest with it.

I of course wouldn't rub her chest with it right? I am a stranger!!

She said thank you to me and asked me which room am I staying at, I told her my room number and said that she should keep it first... She then said something to her friend in Thai (which I don't know!) and then I left them in corridor.

I sincerely hope she's feeling alright now.

Second experience, this afternoon at uni, I was on the bathroom while then a Hotel Management student (I know bcs they wear uniform heehee) came in to the bathroom and searched something in her bag.

Seemed like she couldn't find the thing she wanted to find then slowly she asked me: Excuse me, do you have tissue? Can I get one?

Sure, I said. I always have stuff in my bag so I searched in to my bag and gave her a piece of tissue.

She then replied me with: Thank you jie.

You're welcome.

Do I look so oldddd? (;__:) whycallmejjrawr.

Okay it doesn't matter.

Probably this story seems so normal for you, but to help strangers, for me especially is very seldom since my parents' principle isn't like that.

Don't get involved with strangers.

But for today, I think my body was controlled by my mind which somehow I think--probably it's a good thing. Besides, all of us are Binus-related, so it's not really a stranger.

Things may go different if it's on a public place. Although my mind would completely tell me to help anyone in need, somehow your instinct would be able to tell you whether it's dangerous or not.

You know there have been so many cases of women getting harassed, raped and molested just because they wanted to help a stranger, who happen to fake their illness and took that chance to do something *not good* to the innocent women.

It happens a lot here though.

Scary right? That's what my parents always said to me--do not get involved with strangers. Especially in public place.

Nobody knows what they're up to--they probably really need help, but just be cautious, especially because I am a girl. Just don't get involved with strangers on public.

Your instinct is not to be told, it's to be trained everyday. You can always feel whether you are about to be in danger or not, it's what my parents said. Just keep aware, don't lose focus on public place, stay alerted.

But what happened today was great--I am glad to help them! Though we don't know each other names and identity, but the feeling to see other people helped and happy is priceless.

Lots of love


  1. Helping people and seeing their smile is a great feeling:) But yes, sad is that there are people who don't appreciate help or want to use good people..
    You are so good person :)

    1. Yup!! We just should be nice, but also be cautious :3 ♥

  2. It's a good thing that you did. I always do that too.Although once when I saw a person lying on the sidewalk I didn't want to get near him coz I didn't know if he was ill or just drunk -.- Good that I did that coz in the end he was just drank ... I still can't figure out how can they let themselves end up like that. <3

    1. Yeah, someone lying on sidewalk could be really need help or just drunk.. Good thing that you walked away! Stay safe is the priority, not egoism ♥

  3. haha ~ SHould i just call you jie too ~ haha


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