Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fourth anniversary★


Hi minnatachi~!

09 March 2013 is my blog's fourth anniversary!

Wow can't imagine I've been writing for SO LONG right?

Though I've been moving to many platforms (blogger, tumblr, fc2, and back to blogger!) back then I wasn't being so serious in blogging. I changed my blogskin like every week, html-ing was like my late-night hobby and it was all about appearance and no quality posts.

I changed my concept for now then, I don't really make a really eye-catching template but I am focusing on my posts.

I also can't believe it that I've been sticking to blogging for so long already. I thought I would get bored as time goes by and close my blog, but I am here, writing my post happily!

Everything has been said on my vlog below, and please excuse my nasal voice bcs apparently I have a bit sore throat this evening. I may be naughty for spending whole pringles can yesterday xD

It's almost morning here omg >.<

If you can notice something magical from my hairpin, here's a friendly rare hug from me :P

Sharing you beautiful sunset views I caught this evening. It's kind of blur blur bcs I took it from behind the glass :3

Have a nice weekend for all of you~!

Lots of love


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    Semoga makin sini makin semangat ya ngeblognya
    Jangan kebanyakan begadang, ga bagus untuk kesehatan (padahal sendirinya juga sama, hahaha)

    1. Okeeee makasih ko :3
      Seriusan begadang pengen berhenti tp apa daya T^T tugas menggunung~


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