Thursday, March 7, 2013

Brown Xena♥


Second OC based on shades (≧∪≦)

The first one is here.

I had a hard time choosing name for her, really took me so long when I came up with Xena. It's taken from Xena : Warrior Princess (if any of you know it? Haha)!

Brown is my second favourite shade after red. I spent around 2 hours doodling Xena, and love the way it turned to be (*´∀`*)

Lately when I doodled a chara, I usually have one particular shade to use. I don't really like to mix particular shades into one character.

That's why this time I am doodling chara with one shade only--brown and it's families

I also had a hard time to shade her hair--took me ages to test hair colours for her, which finally I decided to use light colour for her--it looks so nice!

Her outfit is kind of ambiguous... I didn't really get to think about the details (maybe someday later?) but then when I came up with her name I wanna make it warrior-like clothes. And also, a bit toned figure for her!

Once again, I am a random doodler and especially this time--I didn't finish the digital colouring neatly. I enjoyed the random doodle with pen and not bother to use line tool and anything similar. I expected it to be a little bit messy, bcs it's what I wanted in this doodle (;^◇^;)ゝ

Tell me what do you think! (´∀`)ノノ

Lots of love


  1. Brown Xena? Not Gabriela who become a warrior in her place after Xena retired? =)

    1. OMG I forgot about Gabrielle~~~~! It's supposed to be brown Gabrielle ahah

  2. I love this <3
    as I said earlier, you are so talented :)

  3. Aw, super cute! Great work^___^


  4. wow! you're really good at drawing!!!
    i can't even draw ! what more when it comes to doodling!
    thanks for your lovely comment
    i appreciate it lots lots!

    1. Heehee thank youuuu~~~~<3
      And you're welcome :)

  5. So adorable >w< Nice work~ What program are you using? :3

    1. Thank you~~!
      Used SAI and photoshop :3


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