Friday, February 22, 2013

The escapees★ - ピンクの物語:#5 ♥


It's been a week since I logged in and wrote!

Many things happened last week, I was too occupied for keeping in touch with everyone (except my mama, huff!), but I am here now.

I was escaping from the city with fatty ranger meow last week!
We were escaping from the hard routinity, the responsibilities and the neighborhood to a land where no one know us and we blended to the unknown far away city. (Well that's the exaggerated version of me) *lebay*

I think sometimes it's a good idea to be a bit rebellous and have fun! :D

No la, we had a short trip outside Jakarta. I ate super well (compare to my daily meals of course, when I live alone, noone ever ask me directly if I am hungry or what, so my daily meals are messy), I enjoyed the trip, I enjoyed the shopping, I enjoyed the view, I enjoyed the city, I enjoyed the weather, I enjoyed everything!

There was no second I spent with sadness and anger, I had awesome time!
I am not a person that is good in hiding emotions, to be honest.


Sweet tooth!

Sometimes you feel pity to your buni buni tummy (why you never go away? do you love me so much ar?) but there are times to be strict, there are times to pamper yourself.
Everything must be in balance! So I guess this is a rare time to pamper myself with fattiness! *swallowing courage to lose weight*

Fatty ranger meow wanted to see the crater so the next day we rented a car to there. But what we got to see??

Cannot. See. Anything. At. All!

It was extremely freezing there at that time and I wore damn shorts and stockings so the freeze bit my skin; we had to share a hug under umbrella bcs it was raining as well and as I struggled to hold umbrella for both of us, we were freezing!!

The sulfur was damn hard as well as we coughed after few mins and left the crater immediately.

I was awed with the nature! Although it was very cloudy and not too shiny, I was still awed, everything was very beautiful!
Some people don't bother to dirt themselves for such kind of travelling (some of my family member are like that)--the opposite of me, I really love and enjoy exploring natures!

I used to travel to mountains and beaches long time ago, but now no more, because all of my cousins are getting married and they have become busy with themselves, and me too! Ehm. Busy bees~★

Censored face bcs I respect privacy--I took and uploaded this photo without fatty ranger meow's consent so yeah X"Dc I hold my giggles for so long!
Please bear to see notti fatty rabbithead first for now lolol.

Dinner picca was my last dinner before I went back. Had it at 南翔's TA (maybe some of you came here before?) I posted this picca to BBM so my uncle sees the dinner I had and he wanted to go there! Then I said, go TA eat this can fetch me along right? I help to finish the dishes! Heehee.

Fatty ranger meow brought me a bomb! (>.<") sugoi!
Do you believe it? I'm awed!

I was waiting for it to explode, the real explode like the one in the action movies and I was flown away because of the explosion XD but nah!

Bakudan (bomb) didn't explode.
Instead a kitty ranger jumped from the bakudan box and fly away! *flying away*

It's a fuwa fuwa kitty spectacles holder!!

Isn't it just too cute~~~~! *squeals* *inhales* *exhales*

I was thinking of buying a new smaller spectacles but then it will look bad for fuwa fuwa kitty specs holder (aiyo, why the name is so long?) so I am still staying with my current specs now!
Maybe I wanna go TA in near time to change the lens only! kk.

Fuwa fuwa kitty specs holder can hold anything, of course! Kitty ranger is tsuyoii!
Hold specs, sunglasses, koppuru sleep mask★

It's the bestest gift in this world♥ 感谢!!

Also on our escape, we watched two movies:

MAMA (2013) and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D (2013).

Both are scary movies!

Do you enjoy scary, horror, thriller movies?

I enjoy it! Haha. Erm, actually in several cases only. Watching alone would scared me out, but watching on cinema feels so much better, maybe because I don't watch alone.

Both are good, if you're thriller movies lover! keke. But don't watch if you think you might scared bcs it's scary--I tell you! Mama movie, I somehow scared a bit, but seeing my left side the girls were screaming and cursing I couldn't help myself from laughing XD I am too cruel!

The movie was scary and sad at the same time, oops it's not my review post so I won't review it but if you have the guts to watch it, why not? It's no longer aired here though, maybe it's still ada in your place.

It was much more quiet on Texas Chainsaw, less people watched with me. Also my mama doesn't like brutal movies so I almost never watch similar movies (I watch movies bcs my mama loves movies so much, I wouldn't have watched anything alone except anime heheh), and blood was everywhere! Lousy b**** cinema cut several scenes for proper view but I am pretty sure no underage will watch this movie, so why cut it? I felt cheated D:

I still remember I am scared for watching this movie at home:

Insidious (2010) and The Woman in Black (2012)!

Do you find these movies scary?

Argh! I screamed alot and squeezed my mama's leg when watched these movies. omg, was my nightmare. -.- It's actually not the very scary one, it's because I got shocked a lot, especially The Woman in Black!! Noooo!!

Other posts are coming up, so stay tuned! xo


Lots of love


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