Monday, February 25, 2013



Evening~~~~lovely readers!

I decided to delete my last post about me crying and quarreling bcs I don't want to ruin my blog with such sad post. Though I am still using the same selca though here XD

So, sups Monday everyone! I had a great one.

I went to my first Programming class for this semester today and the lecturer was good!
I hope for this semester I can do my best and ace it once again, keke!

Yeah yeah, so, my Monday this semester is a rare case.
While usually I always have to wake up early and become busy-bee every Monday, for this semester I am a little bit relaxed since my earliest class for Monday this semester starts at 3PM.

Woot woot! I'm pretty much becoming productive lately.
I did house chores yesterday, I studied a few materials, I took care of myself well.

So talking about the deleted post, I have the reason to delete that post.

I've learned a lot last year to become positive and couraging.

I find it really works and useful, especially in my life, my school and relations.
Everything went perfectly just because I never let any 'sighs', 'rants' and 'rumbles' coming out from my mouth.
Briefly, I never speak bad words.

That is, surprisingly attracts me to more and more good things! Do you believe that?

Ever since I almost never rant in my blog, I always feel better.
I feel I always have more things to be grateful of, I always feel like I can find them anywhere, everyday in my life.

When I was ranting a lot on my blog, I didn't know why I kept on meeting unwanted things in my life, I kept on meeting sad and horrible things in my life.
But when I stopped ranting on my blog and I started to write a cheerful, happy post everytime I log in, when I started to appreciate everything that is given to me, and feel happy through that, more good things are coming to my life!

So based on that, I can conclude that:

All things I am focusing on in my mind attracts me, no matter whether it's bad or good.

When I focused on bad things by ranting, sighing, rumbling, then more bad things were attracted to me and kept coming to me. That happened because I gave my focus to those bad things by ranting about it.

On the other side, when I stopped focusing on bad things, when I stopped ranting and sighing, instead I started to appreciate every single thing I have, every single thing I meet and I do, I start focus on writing more happy things and things that I am appreciate of, surprisingly more good things are attracted to me and I feel even more and more good things, which makes me happier and happier!

You may find this weird but this is my real experience, this is what happening through my life now!

To feel positive and happy thoroughly, you must focus on it, no exception.

You must focus on positive things and happiness, and you must believe that it will come to you.

You cannot say : I don't want bad things to happen. It means you're still focusing on bad things by you don't want it to happen. It still means you're giving your focus to that bad things, that eventually it will come to your life.

So, if you're wondering how to feel happy thoroughly everyday, here's a simple way to do that:

Feel happy, feel grateful for everything you see, meet and receive, feel happy for everything you do.
Without you realize it, the happy things will be attracted to you, more and more.

I write this based on my own testimony, I experience this by myself--it is 100% works!

I will write about this clearly in the future.

Lots of love


  1. yap! no mumbling for everything. it will make our life wonderful cz we will feel happy for doing everything.
    sista, I need your help. I can't open my old blog account "Sparkling Hello Kitty" that's pretty sad. so, could you please follow me back on my new blog account? thx so much before. :)

    1. Heehee that's right;
      Thank you for your comment~~~~! ^^

  2. Hi Hanmiaojuan~

    I am one of your reader and your fan as well.
    I like all the things you wrote, and it also inspires me. :)
    Thank you so much for writing, through your post, it really made me realize that life is beautiful, that we have to speak nice and always stay sweet to anyone. Thank you. I hope you keep inspiring others, as what you did to me. xoxo <3

    1. Hi! ^^ thank you for the comment~~~~!
      I am glad that my posts are inspiring you; I am glad that it touches you and it touched me as well! :)
      I will keep writing things and I hope we can write and inspire more people around us!


  3. Ups and downs, that's what makes one's journal beautiful. Something sad can also let the readers learn from your experience, but it's up to you anyway.

    I hope everything would work out for you in the end. Remember, there is rainbow after the rain. Keep smiling, sweety =)

    1. I agree with that! Sometimes I have no courage to write bad things about me, but I think that's what make life beautiful right?

      Thank you for the comment~ ^^

  4. Yup, that's true.. if you always thinking about things how may good things short let's have a happy life :D

    and btw I looove your Elmo ~~~ may I steal it?^^

    1. Heehee xD you're right!

      Heehee *gives you Elmo* xD hehehe~~~~

      Elmo is reallyyyy cute <3


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