Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First week of semester four★


Evening minnatachi~~~~ヾ(*^▽^*)

I don't have anything valuable to share though so this is just like my common journal post.

I've finished my first week on this semester. I admit, experiencing the classes for 6 days (ya! I have no off days) it was great. 
I enjoyed every single class I have for this semester, to know lecturers that are going to teach us--are all imba (≧∪≦)

As far as I remember, my lecturers for this semester are: Mr Taufik, Mr Silver (it reminds me of HunterxHunter character right lol!), Ms Programming (forget lol), Gor Wince and Gor Yo! 
Many testimonies I heard we're getting awesome lecturers this semester, is that true I wonder?

I wonder if their imba-ness is equal with their kindness of giving us scores? lol

I have gotten assignments so far--to install Oracle express and Compiere (to learn about ERP), to create a business process, to summarize materials, to prepare slides and presentations--eww. 

Just one week of class and assignments are pilling already ( ̄A ̄ ; )

Returning home at 9PM today, and I guess it will be like this for whole week (except the days where I have morning classes). 
It's supposedly not tiring bcs I started my class on afternoon, but the fact that at 8PM++ I then go home, suddenly my energy are drained.

Suddenly I feel superly exhausted to go home very late and no more appetite. Idk whether this is a good thing or not? haha.

I've settled schedules for exercise by the way  (ノ ̄ー ̄)
Seeing the very loose classes schedule (one until two classes per day), I have set my daily exercise schedule. 
I am not sure whether I can commit to it or not but I have this wishlist is to burn my buni buni tummy by the end of this year. がんばるよ~~~~コナにゃん

I'll do my best though!

I also hope at least to progress a little though bcs my mama keeps nagging at me to be slimmer so she can sew me dresses *・∀・*)ノ

Logging off (;^◇^;)ゝ

Lots of love


  1. I see every 4th semester is hard because my classes are hard too^^
    woah 6 days of classes? is so much i guess~~~

    re: and honestly? It tastes awful:/ :P

    1. Heehee! It is >_<
      I hope you do your best chingu~~~~!

      re: Eww! I don't know can we save the taste? I love the benefits from it though xD

    2. I heard that sugar can be added~~~ and you can always block your nose.. If you don't feel the smell you don't feel the taste either:)

    3. I see!!
      I should try it then :D thank you~

  2. Wish you good luck for your coming days and keep bloggin'! xx

  3. yess it was so fun! I was scared to ride it at first, but I soon got addicted after the first ride. I even rode Cyclone twice with my friends, lol XD
    agreed! hahaha XDD
    I hope so! Because I still have problems with saving money even until now "orz
    well, SGS3 is expensive x__x I don't even know myself if my savings are enough to buy it myself x__x
    thank you senpai~ XD yes it is, but I seem too relaxed even until now. Well my study spirit during the 2nd TO has slightly improved from the first, so I hope all goes well until UN. x__x
    Daijoubu senpai XD It would be bad too if you had to send that letter during your busy times, so just send it when you're already free :)
    yepyepp! That's the most important thing for each day :)
    yesss, me too! XD yep2!! XD I somehow get excited thinking about uni, hahaha XD
    That's certainly a hectic schedule you got there x__x
    eh?? Do lecturers change every year?? ._.
    Having no appetite is a good thing in a way, but be sure to eat also senpai~ XD
    Good luck for semester 4! :D

    1. Ahhhh I wanna wanna ride galaticaaaa so much xDDDD I jelly youuuu :P
      I know I was saving a little this year but then I went for holiday and it's all gone xDD I guess I won't find too expensive hp though :x I just want the long last hp :3 I don't play games tof hehehe~
      Heeee I know you will do your best! Yay! Ganbare~~~~! My sis is also on third grade and everyday she's like studying for exam xDD
      This semester is crazy~~~~! >.< everyday got classes like very busyyyy ;( well maybe the worst case I'll give the letter when we meet at uni? lol xD
      Eh eh pls tell me once again what's your major :P and do you have any plan where to stay now here? xD

      Yup! Lecturers only teach one subject only so every semester we will get different classes, with diff lecturers of course x))

      Thank youu <3


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