Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14 + Merukitty♥


Introducing: Merukitty!
Literally: Mermaid kitty (Merkitty) /lame bcs I flip my "mermaid" tail shaped legs.

Hours before I start composing this, I was blogwalking to several blogs I've been following--most of them are posting like "CNY FOTD", "Valentine FOTD", and to be honest, I super feel lame because I don't blog for make ups!

I saw many of blogs that I am following now, they are very beautiful with make ups, and I am sure they look superly pretty on CNY and Valentine! 

I can't lie--they are veryyyy beautiful!!
I can't compare them with me, and my daily things XD

I wear casual things daily, like jeans, Tees, or maybe pajamas. Haha. I love to do make ups, though still amateur one. (I guess I have never posted any of my make-up faces, right?). I have pieces of dress but I never wear any. Never, just never. Probably it's been years since I wore them.

The next big party I am gonna have will be the time I'll be wearing dress and make ups I guess~~hur.

I know practice makes perfect, but even to buy make up stuffs, I am half-hearted to do make up stuffs shopping. Haha. I guess it's just me. I prefer to spend money in other things. 

But frankly, I squeals everytime I enter like make up stores, all of them--it's the girls' excitedness to enter those kind of stores! But I also never feel the urge to buy them and try them, I guess I need to be like that more a?

I don't know.

Anyway, it's February 14! A pink day, pink nuance everywhere, but not in Binus. We're still on Final exam weeks, especially me--I had Statistics exam today. Math, MATH!
Open book exam has its own feeling. Sometimes I feel like confident because I can always rely on notes when it comes to the exam day, but sometimes it's kind of annoying to rely on your books.

You waste time of flipping pages, your desk is full of notes and notes (which happened to me today, which I had a single desk--usually I have double desk) and the notes were everywhere! Aiya--annoying! *throw notes and paper to the floor and hope the lecturer didn't slip on to them*

The exam was surprisingly hard! (._.")
I knew I didn't study well last night, I only studied a few chapters only: Hypotheses, and, and, OMG I only studied that chapter omg. I have no idea about linear regression and wilcoxon omgomg~~~~(T^T)

I just hope for the miracle can Ace my Statistics exam! *optimist*

Because of the hard exam, today became my lame valentine, haha. People are probably dating here and there, sharing hugs and kisses, and me, at home, sleeping after hard day with statistics. Probably I'm gonna have great time on my short semester break! Yay~~~~!

Talking about valentine, everyone is showing love to everyone's beloved ones, right? In my opinion, you can always show your love to your beloved ones, every single day.

What's the matter?
Why should it be on valentine day?

For me, I don't do anything on valentine. But since it has been a very hot topic in my blogger dashboard's feed, I just want to have self-reflection on valentine day. Valentine day is like the "official day" of love, where everything is pink in nuance and sweet!
You may have better courage to confess love to your crush probably because everyone may be doing the same on Valentine day! Heehee ;)

Everyone, of course have the beloved ones, people you love, people you care about, the one you spend time together and feel happy together, share laugh and tears,

Ah, someone is popping in your head while you're reading this right?

Yep! Valentine day is one medium (the famous one) to show them your love and care! Although for me, I always show my beloved ones love and care every time I can!
You can show it to them by words, telling them that you love them, or a little gift, or dinner, or maybe helping them doing their works secretly, set a surprise, and everything (that's all I can think about)! It's literally showing love, you can do anything right?

It's not always about lovers, bf, hubby, gf, wifey right? Your family, your friends, your pets, every one! And no no, it's not embarrassing, never think that way, okay? 

Valentine day is a reminder to show people we love how we love them so much;
We cannot live alone in this world, that's why we're given a small room in our chest to keep our beloved precious one;
You know that happy euforia when you're having a happy time with your beloved ones?
It's the small room in your chest, glowing with the love you have to your beloved ones.

A family--is what you call as your beloved ones;
It doesn't always have to be your blood family--anyone care and love you are your family♥   

So, I wish you all:
Happy valentine day!
If you read this, you know you are loved :)

Lots of love


  1. Suka banget sama paragraf yg di bawah foto...sayang di Indo banyak orang picik yg berpikiran sempit, Valentine selalu disangkut-pautin sama maksiat...

    1. hehehe thanks ^^
      betul2! :x kadang orang perlu dilebarkan matanya utk menerima akulturasi, hehe

  2. Thanks for following back!Don't worry soon we will have bigger skirts ^^ If you are ever interested,you can give us you size and we can make you a skirt :3 We only just began to make those,so that's why they are so small :P Have a nice day!

    1. ohh! so nice <3 I'd love to have one of your creation~~~~^^ I'll inform you when I want it. Thanks

  3. happy V-day!would you like to follow each other?

  4. Right, for lovers Valentine's Day should be all year round and not just one day..

    And happy rest on Valentine's Day ^_^

    1. Heehee~~ thank youuuu <3
      I agree with that! Everyday is a happy valentine day! kk xoxo

  5. you're so cuute!! > 3 <
    it's kinda annoying at the same time kinda happy because you can use notes for the exams for me as well. As if you didn't learn anything from that subject. And sometimes, and you have notes, but it's not very helpful at all.

    I didn't feel like it was valentines day haha :)) I was too busy doing my project LOL. and the day was really boring hohoho~

    anyway! Happy valentines day dear!! (^_^)

    1. eee >3< you're cute too~~~~!

      Heehee that's right! kind of good and annoying to be able to bring notes to exam~~~~! it's a complex XD
      I hope you're doing well on your project alright!! :3 ganbate!! xoxo

  6. Well, I think if you really love someone, you don't really need a special day to show it right? Every day should be like that ^^; sadly, I think I've been single every valentines day of my life... but hopefully I'll find my other half soon ^^;

    1. I agree!! <3 Every day can show the love, why should it be on one day only? heehee <3
      thanks for the comment, and I am sure you will find it soon! xoxo

  7. Yor blog is cool and intresting! you are very beautiful girl!
    can follow each other? just let me know when you do it :)

    1. Thank you <3333
      yes sure we can, I will follow you back ;)

  8. It's not really hard to use torrent actually, but the risk of getting a virus is high. At least, that's what I heard from my friends though o_O
    I don't know how I'll be able to lead my college life with such high prices in Jakarta "orz
    yepp, in fact, I've been accepted already! XD yokatta~
    I'd suggest SGS3 for an android XD but lately, I've been into tablets too, so, I'm also confused x__x
    Well, I'll have a tryout in 2 weeks time. so nervous x__x
    You're welcome!!! *hugs back* XD

    hi senpai, do you still remember me? :D
    I'm really sorry for replying so late!! >___< I feel like crying T__T
    To be honest, I almost forgot that the 14th was Valentines "orz since I was on a short break that time, I didn't really feel the lovey dovey atmosphere. Because usually in school there are a few couples who send gifts to their partners XD
    and yes, well said! I agree with you, vday is not the only day to express love :D
    Once again, I apologize for replying so late >__<

    1. Heehee!! (>.<) hi verochan!!

      * ahh yes my friend said that too! the risk of getting virus~~~~ arr! anyway must be careful of that. once our pc has virus~~~~ ahh *doomsday* especially when you use it everyday x)
      * heehee! i was thinking the same about monthly fee in Jakarta, everything is more expensive than in suburbans, but don't worry in campus area there will always be something cheap xD
      * for SGS3 I dont think I can afford it xD up until now I am still using my rotten old phone hahaha~~~~ :3 I will just use it until it's completely spoiled then get a new one!
      * ahh goodluck verochan!! do your best~~~~ ganbare for tryouts!!!! (>_<) you can do it. it's easier when you relax :D
      * don't worry about it~~~~! i now then remember I still haven't sent the letter omgomg ;A; I just hope I can send it someday? ahhhh~~~~! >.< feelguilty*
      * I didn't feel the loveydovey atmosphere too~~~~! don't worry ahah ;) but to enjoy the day with no worry is the important one! yay!

      Ahh~~~~you're accepted?? YAYAYAYAY congrats~~~~! Yokatta >w< I can't wait to meet you~~~~like seriously!! <3 you're registering with your friends here? :3

  9. Aww the little whiskers you put on your face is SO cute!! <3 Lovely blog, would you like to follow each other?? I'd really appreciate if you could check out my blog! xx

    1. Heehee thank you!! <3
      Sure I'll give you a visit back :D


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