Monday, January 21, 2013

It's half past one, haven't met the dawn yet.


Psst~~~~minnatachi~~~~it's midnight here!

I spent my whole Sunday studying.

Not that serious, I lacked a lot, but I think I understand enough. I always enjoy my Mondays this semester. Two classes I have on Monday are Programming and Computer Network. Somehow it's difficult, I have to say. The good thing is I really, honestly, enjoy these classes!


I am working on Programming project at the moment, tomorrow gotta check it on my friends' laptop because I hate to say this that I haven't tested my form yet--argh! So I have to say I don't progress much.

I realise that my blog heads nowhere--I have nothing MUCH to say (that maybe I am supposed not to write anything?) but I want to. My blog is like my escape through the hecticness days I go through--not many of my real life friends do blogging--I assume they have quitted now err (-.-) that's saddening but yeah, can't be helped.

Blogging needs patience to write properly, because we're not only doing 140 characters in each post--unlike Twitter. I--like to write, and to be read--it's a good feeling. But nowadays that's not the point of me blogging--I just want to write. I've been too busy to take care of my readers and give a visit back--I miss those days when I was able to!

I am the way too busy for blogwalking--I miss reading people's blog though, but once I blogwalk, I neglect my assignments and everything which is bad. I prioritize my assignments in this case! This is the sad thing to once again, leave my hobby (besides drawing), maybe I'll write much lesser in the future.

I haven't slept--and most of my friends have slept. Feel so quiet at this hour too, I'm not sleepy yet--a bit hungry (LOL XDc) and maybe I gotta continue my arghpukingargh project.
I have gotten bored and annoyed with this project I just hope to finish it ASAP.

Offing to do something productive, hopefully, or just hope to bed since it's almost 2AM here.

One again, some songs I've been listening here:

Lots of love


  1. I miss reading other blogs too!!! Luckily, I have found a way to blog hop for a while. Miss you!! And seeing those notes, GAAAAH~ makes me remember my dreadful moment with my test paper. -_-

    1. Hehehe~~~~I miss you too!! (>_<)
      I know~~~~gonna have that exams next week which I actually am not ready yet (;_:)


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