Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I wish..


Today I was out from early morning to evening--was tired and so hungry (°´д`°) I was teaching and three classes for today.. Last few weeks of semester three has been really busy! Assignments are still pilling up high (although it starts to reduce one by one), and I am working on two assignments again tonight.

Selca-nyan and OOTD.

Today on english class, 2013 resolutions topic was brought up.

I don't make any 2013 resolutions--I only make resolutions on my birthday.
I am not a person that can commit on many things at once that's why I only make resolutions on my birthday. New Year, and CNY I don't commit any resolutions--it's just a burden to have too many resolutions! Remembering all of it would be pain in the shoulder (ノ△・。)

Am not sure by myself whether I would want to *work* some things out this year (for myself of course), but honestly I have a few wish I would want to happen in this 2013 ヾ( ^ω^)ノ

It's not too much different from my 20th birthday resolution: I want to get slimmer, I want to make my parents happy, and many others.

But here, maybe there are some specific things I want to have/do/experience in this year, such as:

★ Hongkong visit
I've never been to this neighbor country before! It doesn't sound too possible for now as I become so busy and my parents do too, but if it's possible it would be great.
★ New HP
My blackberry is getting really old and--starting to spoil. The battery leaks and it lags a lot. I've had it for around 3 years now; I was thinking it's time to change, but my parents don't buy me any until now. Guess I should earn myself for this. I don't want anything too fancy and expensive, just a HP good enough to SMS and battery doesn't leak. I don't do internet on HP so it's not my biggest requirement. Lastly, if I happen to be able to find a pink one--*grin*--gonna have that!
★ Meet my blogger fellas
I have many blogger friends from many countries; a lot are from neighbor countries as well. It would be nice if I can meet them as a student (I don't want to meet my blogger friends as an undergraduate--because I'd feel too old to meet and play with them~!)
★ Meet fatty xiao xiong mao
I know this is a selfish wish *coy* but I miss him! Both of us are really busy and far--especially me, it's hard for me to make free time. Sometimes I wonder what is he doing there, is he doing fine and other things. Sadly I have become really busy then we're seldom talk now and I miss to laugh together with him! There are also so many very very delicious foodies I'd want to bring him together to eat and also very very fun place to play!
★ Finish my crossstitch
Remember a crossstitch I made since months ago, probably 2 years ago? I haven't continued it until now--honestly I haven't touched it ever since then. Maybe I can finish it by the end of 2013?
★ Learn guitar
It's been quite some time I wanna learn guitar. I think since two years ago--my third year on Stece. I had guitar exam (simple one) and my friend taught me simple keys. I became immersed and very interested.. Pity thing I didn't continue the lesson. My dad don't do guitar because my grandfather hated guitar. The coincidence thing is: Binus Square is opening Acoustic Guitar class this week! Too bad that I don't have guitar and I have nobody to borrow so I think I am not joining one--well I still have until this Saturday though? I am not sure to join or not *thinking hard now*
★ Ford Fiesta
I am surely crazy. I am possessed to type this. *slap*

Can't really think anything more for now! It's all that appeared my mind for now--the normal one, the selfish one, and the crazy one maybe?

I read on many other articles and blogs, averagely girls around my age (in another country) would wish for nosejob, boobjob, plastic surgery and anything like that. Wow (>.<")
And I am here, typing "Ford Fiesta" *I am possessed again*

There's no way my parents are going to purchase me this one!! Even I don't dare to dream. But it's really cool <3

I don't really know Ford but my sis told me that Ford Fiesta's interior is awesome! And I shall agree~~~~!

Now I am struggling not to fall asleep due to tiredness, at least I must finish my system diagrams before midnight (。・д・)

Offing to do my system diagrams!

Lots of love


  1. voete for the HK visit! i will do after my 17th bday party, hope i can buy lotsa thing there.
    anyway i envy your skin, duh! the first picture attached!

    1. Envyyyy! I wanna go HK too x)
      Hahaha I envy your skinn more :P

  2. Jangan cuma ke HK, sekalian ke China aja...deket...kagok banget, hehehe

    1. Iyahh, Shenzhen kali yah ko, kan deket tuh :3

  3. I was planning to write a new year's resolution, but I don't think so if its really necessary. ^^;
    I really like reading your blogs, and you gave me inspiration too! :)

    1. Yup! It's actually not necessary, but it's fun to read this next year, and I love your blog too! Keep writing dear :)


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