Saturday, January 5, 2013


Happy Saturday!

Old selca-nyan because I am in no mood selcaing now.

Just finally can rest awhile after doing much papers and works!
Gonna continue it tho after blogging for a short time here.

I admit I was annoying today.

I was being gloomy too much on class, I barely could sleep the night before because the burning throat (I bought many bottles of 三脚标清热水) and I spent one big bottle of water in one class.

I was so annoyed for many embarrassing reason I just can't make myself type it... You can assume it's a really stupid matter though it affected me the whole day.
Wanted to puke these silly things out with my friend whom I am sure would gladly listen to me but I ended up being quiet in class and annoying, and I am sure I looked so ugly with frowning face.
I hate for being unable to talk. *sigh*

Can't stop thinking negatively to MANY THINGS! I don't know what's happening to my frequency of mind, something somehow turned the antenna to catch the very wrong radio signal, and I happened to radiate bad feeling today.

I am also regretting all things I've done today! Being so sullen, annoying, arrogant and desperate. Now that I think about it I was so horrible! I don't want to be like this for a long time! Ya! Tonight is a turning-back time, and I wanna flip the frown face with the happy, and joyable smile! ☺

Veryyyy touched to friends who never stop to cheer me up!
Thank you guys you're the best Although it's just like little jokes about anything small such as guys, homeworks, and stories, I managed to laugh sincerely and thanks to that, I feel so much better!

I promise this won't happen again!

By the way, I am getting a little bit busy with the last three weeks of my semester three (I know, Binus is the way toooo late -__-" while others are starting their semester four, we haven't even had our third finals yet!), and deadlines are pilling like huge iceberg. I wanna slowly do it, and hopefully on the night before the deadlines I can sleep well (no more one night stay up late like before).

My aim is to finish at least one paper tonight (Since it's Saturday I wanna stay up a little bit late though!) Jellyyyy to people who can go out and play tonight! But my assignments need me more to be done asap so I cannot leave them~~~~like students' life is revolving in assignments lately!
And I always wanted to abbreviate the word 'assignments' with ASS but that sounds really rude, right!! Seriously, assignments are reellyyyy~~~~ass! lol.

I want to apologize to all of you whom I may have hurt today, unintentionally.
I didn't want to hurt any of you who might happen to get hurt because of me!! I was just messed my mind today and now I've settled it down, I felt slightly better and at least my mood is cooperating to sit on my desk and start my papers. I'll personally apologize to each of you if I really happen to hurt you.

I'm doing well now and singing a lot of japanese songs!! It brightens the mood a lot

Maybe enough typing for today, and I shall continue my paper *cough cough cough cough* !

Over all of it, I really wanted to say this~~~~erm, bashfully?
But I so wanna explode and I gotta type........



*shrink of embarrassment*

Share you a really cheerful~~~~song! Enjoy

Lots of love

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