Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting contact lens☆


I don't feel like reviewing contact lenses--I am not in that thing.

This is my third pair of contact lens, my first and second have expired already. I bought them almost a year ago, wore it for about half a year and threw it away.
I think it was defected because I let them dry (very dry and hard) and I don't want to use defected contact lens.

This series has no limbal ring--the colour as you can see, is not noticeable AT ALL! Aiya, I thought it would be darker but see there's no difference between the contact lens and my iris colour at all.

Although enlargement isn't noticeable for 14.20mm, but because of my asian eyes it's quite obvious. Actually it's not that obvious but can't say it's not obvious also--a bit obvious? Haha.

If you see the sealed contact lens--the shade is a bit like burnt umber right? In my eyes it turned out like a little bit brown.

Contact lens is my second option after spectacles. I prefer spectacles than contact lens because they somehow make you look more clever and bring different image to you.

Contact lens needs more treatment as well, must be extra hygienic and also, if it's not treated properly it's very fatal to your eyes because it has direct contact with your eyeballs.

At least this is my routine everytime I have contact lens:
  • I soak the contact lens with newly poured solution for around 1 minute before using it.
  • I washed my hand twice with hand sanitizer and soap (I'm freaking scared with using contact lens haha), ah one thing, hand sanitizer stings in your eyes so make sure the gel is dried properly!
  • I put the lens in my fingertip, and put a few drops of solution in the inner circle so the wet part will be the one have contact with my eyeballs. I consider the solution as the 'glue' (arghwhyit'ssoscary).
  • I try to do it "one chance pasting", so there's no way I'm rubbing my contact lens on my eyeballs (whyitsoundssoscaryy) because the inner part of the lens already have few drops of solution, it should be easier to put it in my eye with "one chance pasting" haha.
  • NO RUBBING. If the contact lens isn't placed in the middle of the eye, please no rubbing it (I told myself), I always scared to scratch my eye. So to adjust it, I blink for several times, then the contact lens will adjust by itself.
  • If it doesn't adjust in your eyeball, take it off, and soak it one more. It's not soaked enough maybe. Or the other side is, it may scratch! Eeeew.
  • If I fail to do all above, forget contact lens, grab a spectacle instead. I love my eyes so much.

I am in aircon room almost everyday--house, classes, vehicles, so contact lens isn't a good option to me because it dries out really fast. But one thing my sight has worsened (that's why I purchased the contact lens with power 100), and I now need spectacles almost every time after I wake up.

When I have a lot of activities, sometimes spectacles aren't doing well. Yup, I'm not that bespectacled girl who wears spectacles all the time, that's why maybe contact lens is a good option.

One thing about contact lens--they're somehow scary (x__x) for me at least.

But since I have this pair already, I may use both spectacles and contact lens--not at once too! But, to vary my daily sight. Haha~~~~I have a bad sight.

No, no contact lens here.

Please greet me if I don't greet you anywhere--I'm not an arrogant person, it's just my sight is really bad! Aww. This happens a lot. My friends think I'm that arrogant friend who doze off when I walk but nah, I just have this poor sight.

Have a nice day!

By the way, the lens above is:
GEO Magic Color, BC102

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Lots of love


  1. Brown contact lenses look great on your eyes Konkonchan! :) ♥

    1. I think so!
      I will try other colours, slowly xD

  2. omg. love the lenses!!! looks dolly on your eye. what's its name?

    1. Heehee
      They are veryyyy natural and blend right? :3
      Ahh I forget to write it, it's GEO magic colour bc102 :3

  3. I can't see the difference that it makes. Hmm.
    but i like the design of it as seen in the bottles! :)

    Jamie Kate

    1. Yepppp the design is pretty but really not noticeable at all!! :D

  4. these lenses look so nice and it's a really pity that they are so almost not noticeable..
    hah me too, I have washing hands mania when it goes to put in or pull out lenses^^

    1. Hehehe <3 It's a pity and sometimes a relief for me too ^^ ;
      I feel scared seeing my own eyes with different colour xD
      Me too!! I wash my hands several times~~~~Haha! Glad it's not only me :3

  5. hey! contacts aren't that scary at all! I've been wearing them for the past 4 years and they are really comfortable - so long as you don't sleep with them on! and you're power is just -1! :D not 100 lol! :D you can relax... you can wear glasses with power -1 :D they are perfectly safe! ^_^

    1. I will try to adapt to them~~~~:3 and yea they're very practical and comfy ^^
      Ooops my bad, it's -1 then xD haha


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