Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daily fit★


Finally today I went exercising after days full of fattiness and sleep.

I regretted so much on lately, on the busiest last weeks of this semester I lived unhealthily. I ate random food, I slept really late and I worked on things for hours and hours sitting in front of computer like mad.

I got to crouch in order my head fit inside the frame--I'm too tall -.-"

I went to jog for a while and a little bit cardio.

I exercised right after I woke up this afternoon--only drink a glass of water, I had around 30 mins intense jog and 22 mins cardio-ing, plus barbell lifting around 15 mins--almost fainted because I haven't eaten anything for the day and my sight was starry (*;_:*) it was scary.

Okay it wasn't definitely the way a lady would sit. I was dizzying and almost puking on gym site because I haven't eaten anything since yesterdayy XD

Burger pancake, score : 3 out of 5.

This nomnom would definitely cancel my exercise for today! I lost 50 grams and gained 500 grams omona (;A;*)
I was so hungry after exercising with empty stomach so I randomly entered a restaurant near here and ordered the burger pancake. Bought hawker noodle after ate this too! XD omg I should title this post daily fAt! I think I have a typo there.

The rain tonight was mild--I went out and captured this view of urban part of Jakarta I guess? (Cannot tell whether it's central Jakarta or south Jakarta) but the real view was beautiful! I always like late night city view--my favourite!

The empty desk of me--which I am sure won't last long. My final weeks are coming, which I am sure I will have another weeks of unhealthy lifestyle. Too bad--but I want to do my best for finals--I am always motivated to do my best!

It's nice to see my February time table (taken a few days ago after the final exam schedule came out). There are so many OFF days there! *yay* although I'll use those days mostly for studying. (*A*") I hope I won't slack off~~~~!

I might start to review my notes for finals tomorrow--aiya why I am so not motivated now? I usually have the spirit to study D-2 until D-1 and that's no good. I want to review from now--I hope I can do it!

I just realised that my posts are almost all about exams, exams, exams, exams. Idk seems like my uni holds the exam like once every two months? (-_-") 

Do you exercise regularly?
How do you spend your off days?

Lots of love


  1. me and exercising daily?? lol no! :D but i drink loads of water!!! B-) and my off days???? I got to study well because of my HSC TT__TT

    1. Hahaha that pays too! I try to drink A LOT MORE water than normal size because I want to get fit quickly! You're fit already, maybe exercise to release the stiffness? XD
      Ahhhh goodluck for HSC!!!! You can do it :3

  2. Wah, I always do aerobic whenever I want to burn off fat and so far have lost 6 kg, but I think that's just water weight because I cut down my carb consumption >.<

    Yesterday, I went to 7/11 and got Slurpee *cries* T__T

    1. Wowwww jiejie that's very nice > < I haven't lost any noticeable fat so~~~~Sad xDD
      I want to cut carbs but I have headache if I do that too bad *n*
      Hahahaha XD now I wanna get Slurpee too x) lol temptation is too hard to resist!

  3. Idk but I think when the world was showered with cute things, you've been showered a lot of times. You're so cute I wanna squish you!!!! <3 I don't do exercise that much. I have weak lungs and asthma so just for a short moment, I'd run out of breath. But I do play dance revolution at arcades and I consider it as an exercise. LOL

    1. xD that's flattering! Haha <3
      if that's the case, you might have to do light exercise rather than hard one, in case the asthma reoccur, I hope you'll always stay fit!
      And dance revolution is very sweating too! I played it long time ago, but now no more bcs all my friends and me moved oversea so 3: no more fren to play.

  4. You're cute! hihi! :)

    Jamie Kate


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