Sunday, January 6, 2013

Conquer the imperfectness.


Doodled this cute image this afternoon before I took a shower.

Somehow this passes on my mind:
I don't know how people are never satisfied. It's human instinct to find things that complete them.

But you know there are some times that I am not satisfied with myself?

It was years ago when I stopped growing (my height), I slightly disliked my height, I wished to be a little shorter (I'm 1.65 metres, ok I know it's normal but everyone around me is almost all shorter than me so this difference made me insecure at that time).
You must be thinking 'Are you silly?', so many of my friend wished to be taller.
But I think differently, I wished to be a little bit shorter, I would like to state the reasons why.

1. Clothings.
Because of my height, so many 'normal' dress I wear become mini dress. I have long thighs, therefore normal dress for people becomes mini dress for me which looks pretty vulgar, and both of my parents doesn't like it.
Short pants is also the other problem. While short pants nowadays have become shorter and shorter, it becomes impossible for me to wear one because of my long thighs creates image that I'm wearing a jeans underwear. Although I have long thighs it's fatty so it's not pretty to wear a very short pants.

2. Shoes.
I know that high heels create slimmer images, and I would think that applies to me as well! But once I wear high heels, everyone around me becomes VERY SHORT like it was very awkward! I don't like to know that people older than me are shorter than me. I hate this fact.

Not only my height, there are more things I am disappointed with! My eyes, voice, tooth. 

I believe I have been influenced with perfect people on TV shows, which are actually okay if I can filter those images and never let them influence me.

I know this may cause of my lack of confidence but I just don't like this fact. 

But the good news is: I have overcome this problem!

I have become much more confident in every aspect in myself. Let's say about my body (which used to be my number one source of insecurities). I've loved my whole figure by the time being. Surprisingly, by loving myself unconditionally, I now find myself attractive!

You must be wondering how was I able to do that?

Grateful is the first thing.
To be grateful to have everything that works perfectly, I am loving myself more than anyone else are. The long thighs, the small eyes and everything else which makes this body no more me than me. No other more effective method than gratitude, it's on the very top of the list every one should do!

It's just like karma, the more you love your body, the more it gives good feeling to yourself. If I used to be a hunchback, a coy girl, an introvert, I have developed to be a better me with better attitude, and never be like that anymore. I have done so much changed in 2012, was the year with the most changes I had. And now here, I am no happier than me as usual. I enjoy every single second I have!

Like what I said about karma, it would also do if you keep on nagging about your imperfectness. If you keep pointing at your imperfectness, you'll just attract more and more insecurities for yourself which will affect everyone around you. People will know whether you love yourself or not by only looking at how you behave. No matter how sweet is your words, your body language won't lie.

One thing that you should remember is: don't listen to bad things people tell about you, but surround yourself with people who talk about good things in you. It's the easiest way to gain your loving toward yourself!

It's what I want to share to everyone: everyone is beautiful and handsome, everyone deserves equal love and care! No matter how do you look, love yourself because it will give you confidence and good deed for sure. By loving yourself, you're attracting good feeling that will revolve around you and you're automatically become a better person!

I have a buffed body which I need to work out more to have a toned figure (which is what I want to achieve now!), and that's why, by loving myself I want to be healthy and that what makes me commit to exercise regularly.

You may have your own beliefs to motivate you to exercise!

Not that appetizing eggtart.

I had eggtart for dinner tonight ヾ(*^▽^*)o

I have no appetite to eat today, I haven't eaten for the whole day, only a cup of eggtart I have today, I might eat another fatty stuff tonight haha ヽ(*ゝヮ゜*)ノ
I'll see later if I am too hungry not to eat, I may want to buy ♪hawker noodle♪

Offing to continue my paper now! Jiayouuuu

Lots of love


  1. I love this post! The story behind this photo is so inspiring!


  2. hey! you think 1.65m is TALL? :O that is like so short!!! (over here in India atleast!) 1.65m is like the average minimum height and I keep wishing that I could atleast grow to 1.70m T_T

    and you get loads of dresses at 1.65m which are not mini dresses etc. and i've got friends who are A LOT taller than me and they wear dresses (not mini dress/mini shorts).

    So don't feel insecure about your height :)

    and lol even though i'm 1.65m my feet are so small asdfghjk that adults section isn't right for me! :D

    1. Here it's tall XD but yeah like you said. ppl think it's normal. Haha <3 I know taller figure is somehow look better but I feel insecure for some reason XD but nvm I think I'm fine withthat though :D
      I know there are dresses for 1.65 m which aren't as vulgar, but size here in Indonesia is VERY small (like sometimes I have to use L or XL) can't believe I'm using it! >.< I need to shop clothes abroad haha I know they provide larger measurement.

      Haha I bet you're good!

  3. It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.

    And I do think you are very beautiful in the way you are now ^^

  4. no more no less.. you've got to the point :)
    the most important is to accept yourself.. then you'll be haaappiii :D

    re: thank you :) ahh and I'm curiuos now how you would look like i that hairstyle... well, if you're afraid you always can go to hairdresser to ask about opinion, advices etc^^

    1. Yup agreeee ^^ to accept ourselves.
      I think I think I wanna make the change this year, I am not sure >< I want to have a change! my hairstyle has been so common. I think I wanna let it grow longer before I decide on the new style... And you're right! I can consult for it to the hairdresser. Thankssss <3


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