Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Good evening!

Cherising the awesomeness of my Ginny--Casio EX-TR150 for chio♥ selca I can make.

My hair is somehow like a rockstar today (≧∀≦)
My first impression after seeing selca-nyan taken above--a rockstar? lol.

Actually it isn't that bad, don't you think?

It's like TGIW for me--Thank God It's Wednesday since I don't have any class to attend tomorrow and Friday. Basically it feels like my weekend!
Next semester things may change--my schedule may change as well!

I reached home pretty early--at around 4PM.
Did random housechores while at first I was slacking and almost falling asleep, but I ended up still awake until now with rockstar hair.

I was confusing at several things at the moment.
About this, erm, how do I say it?

To take BS' guitar class or not.
It's a simple matter--to take or not to take the class, but I can't sleep because of this!
I think I am very immature to make myself vexed so much to think about this.
Today I talked to my classmate Ragnar about guitar lesson. What he said scares me!
The painful fingers, the very expensive guitar, the trouble in reading music notes--omg. I want to learn guitar but what he said scares me!
So~~~~this one I am still considering, gonna think real hard!

To go to my parents' house on CNY or not.
CNY is approaching! Yay!
For everyone who celebrates it you can't wait it right?
Delicious nomnoms, angpaos, family reunion--everything!!
But one shame thing--Binus is on its final weeks! Rawr.
My schedule of final weeks are scattered--the days!

Spans from January 29 until Feb 7, plus EXTRA one day on Feb 14!
Huhuhuhuhu *cryhard* why there must be a very separated extra day for exam? This makes me think twice about going to my parents' house on Feb 7th for CNY celebrating and praying, bcs I need to go back only for one day exam on Feb 14!

Sad Valentine day for Binus students who have to do exams and cannot enjoy the CNY holiday!

So my end of Semester three schedule will be like this (03PBM's):

January 29 30 31
February 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

Pink: finals
Yellow: CNY holiday
Green: semester break
White: no exam (holiday)
Blue: semester four starts

Can't anyone MOVE that Feb 14 exam to somewhere else between Jan 29 and Feb 07?
So I can haz my semester break longer--Feb 08 until 20.
But it's very Binus, Binus' typical to always make exam schedule like this.. Haha.

Whyyyy so sad (>_<) our semester break is also only less than a week!
The pink dates are my finals, I must give my all!
And that... extra... day.... the February 14th! *boiling*
[・`Д´・] ←  angriest emote I can create.
When  all lovers are gathering and kissing,
I am here fighting with Statistics! Woo!

And after Valentine day a short break until my next semester. *sob*
It's a promise to myself, I think I deserve short fun semester break!

This is why I consider to stay in Jakarta until my semester four begins--so this will be my second CNY I gotta spend it alone.

Will post something more interesting tomorrow.

Lots of love


  1. take guitar classes.. you'll be a real rock star hehehe^^ but really.. i'm playing guitar and it was hard for 4 days maybe about fingertip.. but then i got used to it and didn't hurt at all :)

    1. Yeah that would be fun!!!! :D
      I guess you're a pro! :D wow! I'd love to hear you playing guitarrrr wow :3

    2. heh.. unfortunately I'm not a pro.. i only know basics^^ but if you want maybe I could record something and put on my blog.. :)

    3. Maybe you should record it!!!! I'd love to watch :3 yayyy~~~~!


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