Monday, January 7, 2013

A multitasking girl.

Evening gorgeous readers (・ω・)ノ

Tired selca-nyan of today.

Due to the hecticness of my pilling assignments, I keep writing here to keep my mind sane.

Here, today I just found out something which is really surprising about myself.
I am a multitasker--at least for some nights now!

I used to think that I am a very poor multitasker--I am not a person that can focus on two things at once. I can develop this conclusion because of one thing I notice: I can never talk to anyone while I am driving or cooking. It's crazy! I keep missing the lane or even run through the red light.
That's why I concluded myself that I am a very poor multitasker.

But truly, lately when I am doing assignments, I do two--up to three assignments at once!

Is it weird?

Last night I slept very late, almost at 5 AM (to have a 9 AM class!). I did three assignments at once--poster, Entre paper and Computer Network theory about DHCP. I wanted to finish my poster first, then the paper and lastly the DHCP. But upon doing my poster, I felt really bored and dizzy (I did my best for the poster!), so I minimized my Photoshop and I opened my Word to start typing the paper. Not so long later after that, I felt so fed up with the paper and words about Entrepreneur and I moved again to my Photoshop and had fun with poster.

Repeat those steps and suddenly it's almost 5 AM!

I have been much better now than last year--It was very difficult for me to gather focus and concentrate on my assignments!
Yesterday I did better, although still considered as slow. But then, I hope I keep steady and even going better in doing my assignments! I hope I keep up the good work until my final paper on my last year!

I really want to make my Entrepreneur paper my best since my mid exam I had a fabulous D which meant I failed this class--but then, I hope to get at leastttt *finger crossed* C. I am not hoping another perfect year anymore, nah, for this semester. Just hope I pass all my class.

Today is my far biaoge's marriage: Zhongjen gorgor and his wife (which I don't know at all). Big family had the wedding party: pray on the temple, paiciu and cingciu today

Happy wedding for far biaoge! ヾ(。´∇`。)シ

You know I had allergy attack on holiday--which up until now I still haven't discovered the cause. I think it spread to my throat (the rash) so I have a really poor cough now (>.<) no wonder cough syrup doesn't work. You imagine how scary it is to have rash in your throat? (I had it before, was terrible!) now I can barely sleep because of the poor cough I have (rash in throat is VERY itchy and imagine all you can do is cough to relieve the itch, Strepsils doesn't help and I am scared to eat Fisherman's Friend)

Hope it can be gone asap and I want to have a proper, short deep sleep (been really busy to sleep).

Last words for today to all of you:

Offing to continue my papers!

Lots of love


  1. Two assignments at once?!
    That's insane XD

    1. I think I am driving insane too! >_> I hope I don't lose my sanity soon bcs of assignments.

  2. Girls usually have a talent for multi-tasking (although not every gir; can do that)

    For example, I often see my mother cooking while talking to someone on the phone. I would never be able to do that. I can't even study if there are people talking near me, I'm so easily get distracted. When I'm watching a movie, I couldn't hear or talk to anyone.

    I admire you =)

    1. Haha! I know that girls are better but I think I am no better, I guess in urgent time I can do multitasking too, hahah


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