Monday, December 10, 2012

Update: Hadalabo Gokujyun SHA.


I am guessing my readers are getting bored with my daily never-ending talks and boring selca-nyan, so I'm here now not to talk about it. *hearing relieved sigh from many directions*

I'm updating about a product I've been using since April 2012:
ハダラボ極潤SHA (Hadalabo Gokujyun SHA).

Refer to this post.

I am guessing all of my readers (female) know about this brand since it's really popular!
I bought myself this product (I'm using it as a toner, though).
I've been using it daily twice, morning and night after showering. Never skip any single day of using it.

Today after bathed I just found out that this toner of mine, after 8 months, I am still using less than 50% of the bottle!

Wow!! (*A*")

I'm only using 4-5 drops each usage and it's enough.
At that time purchasing this bottle, I was thinking that I might need to repurchase this product in 6 months or whatsoever, but it's 8 months already and I'm still using that much!

Besides, the effect is amazing!

I'm a full-time uni student which my everyday life is facing the pollution, sunburn and sweat. I never skip the toner routine everyday after face-wash, and like I mentioned before on review, this product has no fragrance and the texture is very watery.

Like it's very safe! although my skin isn't the sensitive type, but still I can feel the safety.

After 8 months of usage, here is the result:

Please bear the hairy nose and faint mustache! I'm very hairy *shy*

For the sake of this post, I turned off the make-up mode to let you see bare skin of mine!!
Of course pores and oily-look can't be avoided... What do you expect?

But I'm not pointing the pores and the oily-look. I'm pointing the healthy skin!
I myself consider this as the healthy face-skin!

I don't have acnes problem too often, and maybe it's one of the factor this toner works properly.
But that's not the only thing.
Never skip daily wash routine, like why can't you keep yourself clean? Don't be lazy for this kind of thing (unless you don't care about your look, well it depends on everyone right?)

Hadalabo Gokujyun SHA lotion is my "RECOMMENDED PRODUCT"!
Results are above, really satisfying!! (^_^*)

Supple, soft face, healthy glow and clean look!

Would you mind to spare about 15 minutes for healthy look on face?
Because face is the first thing people would see at you right? (^O^*)
for me, I take care of myself for myself not for people to see. I like to see myself look healthy and clean!

Although, even myself hasn't gotten proper skincare routine (due to lack of products, money and time).
I'm not that diligent to complete my skincare product for now because I am too busy and too poor.
When I've worked later, and can earn myself as much I will complete it maybe.
If you can have the complete skincare routine products, why should you be lazy to do it?

It might be a priority, but for me personally, I prioritize my living sake and study first for now. I'm not rich and to purchase whole complete skincare products is a bit too much.

Reason is that once we have skincare routine, we would repurchase, and repurchase it~ While I still have other things to settle, also it's my parents money so I need to calculate stuffs every month so (-__-") not now.

Maybe I've mentioned it before but my parents aren't generous in pocket money.

That's why I said after I can earn myself as much, I might be trying to complete my skincare routine products! Health is a priority after all.
But for now, it's not the number one though. I still have so many things to settle :-)

Lots of love


  1. That must be cool! *_*
    Unfortunately I didn't know this brand, till now.. It's not in my country :( but I have to search for it on internet :D

    1. Ahh~ Maybe internet yeah would be good! ^^

  2. looks nice :D!

    X Jenny

  3. I think Korean beauty brands are great. ;)
    I've never heard of it since now. But I guess this is really popular in Korea?

    I wish this product is available here in the Philippines. >.< I look like a Zombie without make-up. haha

    1. Well since I don't try too much brands, I'm glad I found one of the best product suits me! ^^
      I don't know where does this brand popular in but in SE Asia it's really popular! ^O^
      I think it should be available in Philippines :O ! You can try to look for it at Watson.

  4. I been using this hadalabo toner too but I kinda quit using it now. But I sure love it ;)

    1. Well I quit for now too actually, but yeah it's surely great :D


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