Tuesday, December 11, 2012



You know that I have a rather-relaxing off-classes this week right? (*・∀・*)ノ
I will only have full day at uni on Thursday, and other than that I'm free.

Well my lab classes aren't off so I'm still going to it on Wed and Sat.

I was imagining about: wake late, eat a lot, and sleep early~ But up until today, I have had SO MANY things to do ( ̄  ̄)ノ
Again and again, it seems like I have never-ending stuff to settle. Woot!

Simple list of stuff I am gonna do this "off-classes week"

1. Exercise
Today's gym outfit~ I look so sweaty, dirty and smelly!

It's been three days in a row I did intense cardio (*´∀`*)ノ *jiao ao*

I might have burnt 1,200 calories on these three days and I want to burn more.
It's still too little! (T^T*)

When I walked out the gym, I didn't feel any 'exhausted' feeling at all and I regretted to stop cardio-ing at that time. I was wondering what made me stop.
I am gonna make sure tomorrow I will make myself 'slightly exhausted'.
If it's not that way, I can never be satisfied enough.

The 'feel' from losing weight is not there~~~~If you understand it.

I was wondering do I have surplus or deficit calories?
I've been eating vegs and slices of bread lately~ (Lazy to eat proper meal), and these 'bread' thingie is the main enemy : CARBS.

I cannot cut carbs at all like some ppl who're succeeding in losing weight do because once I cut carbs AT ALL I will have headaches.
I will most likely to reduce carbs then woot!


Good thing that I super enjoy the exercises~~~~!

2. End of year paper.
Can't really believe it that my Anapersis lecturer give us end of year paper!
Well although I've done 3/4 of it since weeks ago and I feel relieved (^O^*)
One more chapter and it's done~~~~Was feeling so great to know that!

But then, lecturer gave us another homework to do, the Diagram Systems which are super complexxxx *sobs* which I gotta do it on this "off-classes" week.
Still, don't lose spirit, ganbatte Konayachi nyan!
ヽ( ^-^)/

3. Entrepreneur week.
The reason of my "off-classes" week.

I haven't done my Entre exhibition, mine will be on Thursday. (^O^*)
I think it should be fun~~~~I can't wait!
Our Entre stuff has been done last week (EID thingies) and now we're only exhibiting the photos. My job now is to make slide-shows of the photos!

I might do it tonight or tomorrow night also~~~~! no procrastinating a!

4. Website documenting.
A bit loosened, I have two websites to be done now~~~~!
I think nothing much to say here since I'm enjoying it despite of the difficulty and SO MUCH things to type. But still, don't lose spirit here!! (´∀`)ノノ

5. Marking my students' exam papers.
You know that I'm teaching English to my juniors right?
Today I accompanied them to do the exam, was really quiet as usual and I was bored haha.
Six people attended out of eleven, and because of it I need to take care of the rest to do their make-up exams ヾ(´(エ)`ノ゙

Marking exams!
I never do such thing before, I don't know whether I am gonna enjoy it or not.

I was thinking, shall I help the scores, or just mark it as how it is? 
Things are filling my mind (T^T*)

Six papers seem so much already, I was wondering how's our lecturer doing when she/he is marking our exams paper (which I believe will be more than 100 papers).
For this thing~~~~must do my best since it's my responsibility.

Ganbatte~~~~again! *pants*

Done done until here!! *already so tired by listing it*

One good news is: about my mid exam scores.
Half of it has come out today and I am super satisfied to look at my scores~~~~!
(Not by looking the number, look at the grades)
Although I believe my parents will look at the numbers as well ( ̄∇ ̄)

Exams I succeeded to ace:

English for Written Business
Information System Design and Analysing
Human-Computer Interaction

So~~~~satisfied max max! I hope I ace the rest subjects as well!
I can't believe I aced Statistics and Anapersis (>_<") miracleeee

This makes my day!

Logging off because I am a bit tired today, wanna sleep now. Will blogwalk tomorrow! xo

So surprised to hear about SECRET's car accident. I heard Zinger has the worst injuries, I hope everyone's doing fine there and get well soon!!

Lots of love


  1. Congratulations :D hope rest of your exams are good as well :)
    and good luck on Thursday:)
    rest well :3

    re: yeah that's I think I'm gonna do hehe^^

  2. Wow, you're definitely having a busy day! I admire how motivated and productive you are!


    1. Thank you!! I enjoyyyy my busy days :D I hope you too! xo

  3. I want to get more toned buttt I'm such a lazy ass and sometimes I only jog for 5 minutes a week and that's it. haha. Wow. I envy your self-dicsipline X3 If it's me I doubt I'd last long in a gym. haha

    Wow. you really have a lot of things to do.. Good luck on your paper and on your exhibition :)

    And wooow. You're teaching? That's awesome. :)

    1. Hahaha~~~~!
      Maybe daily 5 mins jog would do! :D any small thing won't be a waste ^^ try to do more!

      I teach because I wanted to try, I find out that it's really busy and tiring as well XD


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