Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week of hecticness~!

Hi! (○・ω・)ノ☆
I miraculously feel better today when I woke up at around 2 pm.

I woke up super late and my mama scolded me for that.
"None in our family wake up later than 8 am!!"

I can't make it, I woke up actually at 6.30 am but my head was still spinning, so decided to continue my sleep since it's Thursday! (≧∇≦)

Woke up for a lighter body, I went downstairs to makan and had a little chat with fren.
No "you're so pale" talk again, which made me kind of happy ヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ
Ever since Tuesday, friends kept saying me so pale and it felt really sad ( ̄ヘ ̄;)
I wanted to get well soon and I feel better today!

I admit I still don't look as "rosy" as healthy people, but I feel so much better today!

After relaxing afternoon with chats and lunch, I think I wanna work on my homeworks tonight.
I don't want to overdo it anymore until it almost breaks dawn, maybe a little bit earlier (^∇^)o

Last night my phone spoils so bad that I cannot really do anything, it sucks ttm!
You know that feeling, if I need something really important to call or whatsoever and your HP lags and spoils, how? ; ̄ロ ̄)

I am thinking of getting a new phone this end of year and it's gonna be like SERIOUSLY getting a new one. Has been using Blackberry for two years plus plus now, reaching three years! ( ̄ε ̄;

I wanna get a really classy HP but still hasn't decided which one (・・?)
Just gonna post it here when I have bought it then. For now, I don't want to think about that first.

Mid exams schedules are up!! And this time, the schedule is amazing~~~~!
Nyan~~~~! (^・ω・^=)~

My exams are on 13/11 (Tue), 14/11 (Wed), 20/11 (Tue), 21/11 (Wed), 22/11(Thu), 27/11 (Tue) and 28/11 (Wed)~~~~!!
Really nice schedule isn't it?
No exams on Monday and Saturday at all~ All are packed to Tue-Thu ヾ(^__^ *)

Feel so excited for it actually~~!
After that then the worries come.. Haha.
I am worried of my Statistics exam and Anap exam... Really super huge monster for me, I got to be serious on these classes! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ


Look at them~~ So dilligent study right? I need to be like them as well (>.< )

I got to do homework again now~ Maybe now I wanna take it easy.
Put loud happy songs to sing along and slowly do homework.

So~~ Have a nice Thursday for you! (*・∀・*)ノ

Lots of love


  1. wow you uni looks soo nice^^ and wow you look soo pretty you cute your hair..

  2. hehe exactly :D i hope they sell vans in malaysia.

  3. You will do well on your exams. :3 Get well soon!!

  4. It IS difficult. But I just find it more fun than maths :p hahaha
    I actually just used torrent 2 days ago. I was really against using it, but I wanted to watch Kuroshitsuji Musical 1 so much but the other download links aren't valid anymore, so... :'/ *sobs
    I don't think it's fake though, because usually things are much much cheaper in Jogja? XD
    then it must mean you're a genius!! XD usually smart students are picked to become Student Council.
    yepp, it's just too confusing. But I've decided to take IT, and that's my final choice. >u<
    ah, it's okay. Same here, I'm really sorry I didn't reply for a long time already. Farmasi? wow, that's amazing! XD I find that jurusan quite cool too, but I don't think my Biology skills are enough to succeed there. "orz

    You're sick?? Get well soon!! >__< hope you recover before the exams!! :D
    yess, I know that feeling! Everytime when I need to sms my friends or sth, my phone keeps telling me "Not enough memory to perform blah blah blah". It's annoying x__x
    Don't push yourself ne senpai! Once again, I hope you get well soon! :D
    By the way, it was your birthday last month on the 26th, ne? Happy birthday!! Wishing you all the best and GBU always. Hope your college life always goes well, and hope your new year will be even better than the previous one! :D
    Sorry for the late greeting, I haven't had time to be online on that day ;~; >__<

    1. Haha~~ Well so glad to hear you actually enjoy it right ne? Since you said it's fun XD
      Ohh~~ So is it difficult to use torrent? D: I scared and Idk how to use it actually XD I wanna DL with torrents so many animes~~ XD currently now pirating InuYasha from my friend's torrent collection XDD
      Yup things are MUCH CHEAPER in Jogja omg~~ > < I feel so poor in Jakarta sobsob.
      Hahaha~~ I registered as Std council, also only luck a they accepted me :P and I enjoyed it a lot~~! I enjoy the environment and the friends so I'm good ^^
      Okay IT~~ Great ne!! Hope you can do the entrance exam well~~!! =D Full supports here ^O^
      Yup~~ Pharmacy needs to be good in Biology :/ Idk my sis chooses Pharmacy because of what x__X

      Thank you~~! I actually am really good now XD
      I am thinking of buying android at the end of this year~~ XD Any suggestions? :3
      Yup thank you~~~~! Don't worry XD Thank you for the wish though :> all the best for you too!! xx
      And, will you have exams soon? :D

  5. All photos of your university are very interesting, and I see you're on your way to be a good person in the future. You are more beautiful than last year Miaojuan. A hug. I sent an email but have had no answer from you.

    1. Thank you~~!
      I am pretty busy so I didn't really read emails nowadays. Sorry :) I'll get back once I'm good.


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