Monday, November 5, 2012


Here is another late night post by yours truly♡

Another bareface side selca-nyan!

If you expect me to post a fantastic pretty dolly face of Konayachi, sorry to disappoints you but I suck in make-up. At least for now~ I might want to skill myself in make-up; but definitely not in near time. I barely have money to live now, if I do make-up? I will starve. LMAO.

I'm now struggling with three homeworks; one of it, can say I've done it.
Now I am struggling on the other two.

The Anap report is a group homework; and the deadline of Anap homework is still blur whether it will be this Wed or December 12.
I'm still doing it anyway; well this homework isn't too big for me since I divide parts between me and my teammates (≧∇≦)

The UI project one (I think on a few posts before I wrote about it?) due this Wed and I haven't started the coding part.
OMG (ノ∀`)

I think tonight is another sleepless night.

Whether tomorrow I have to teach English at 9 AM.
Need to prepare tomorrow's materials to teach! *panic just now*
Okay I know my class is actually really quiet and maybe boring but majority of my students are still coming to class so I hope I can prepare something better and funner for them;
but I am the way too busy!

Student council meetings are starting to heavy up my schedule, assignments are surely NO JOKE, Mid Exams soon! 

Whoa, calm down.

Also classes until evening tmr *cries* 
Then return home will be very tired already. I don't know I can code for UI project or not.
I think I might have to do it at least 50% tonight ba.

Gan~~bate~~ *with weak voice*
Have been having very tiring days, my body aches.
No I don't exercise, I just stay in my room; okay light sit ups isn't that tiring but for actually bury yourself in books; is very tiring!

Tummy is acting up again; I keep going to bathroom Idk why ( *´ノェ`) and my body sticks to my bed; I cannot go out! HAHA
(;^◇^;)ゝ Evil bed is evil!

Outside view at around 2 PM, dark and chill--super perfect weather for hibernating!!

Today is surely very comfyyyy♡! I woke up early to find out that it's really cloudy, enjoyed reading my Anap textbook and fell asleep for about a few minutes.
Just so comfy! I feel so not productive today Haha (>▽<*)

Anap book I am struggling in this semester, and goes until I graduate, they said.

A very unglam dinner! Very unhealthy instant mashed potato with cashewnuts and Oats.

I am too lazy to buy my dinner! This is one of the sad thing living alone.
No one really ask you whether you're hungry or not; what do you want to have for dinner; and also no joy when you eat alone.
You just swallow those edible thing.

Feel super homesick again all so sudden (;__;")

Hasn't gotten any call from anybody now; even my family I think forgets me for a while now.. Hasn't heard any news from them lately.
(;__;") 悲しいです。。

Sorry to bore my readers with boring, midnight, assignments posts..
Thank you for the never-ending supports tho!

I just need place to really express my mind; lately it has been really lonely here; I miss my class; I miss having fun.

Lots of love


  1. hi ^^
    i just wanted to say that ive been following you blog for a couple months now, and i really like your posts!!! you seem really nice xD
    im not in college yet, but i can totally relate to the amount of work....T-T high school is.......(sighs). lol
    if i get too tired from hmwrk and am about to pass out, i chew melon popping candy :D you shud try it!!!
    wish you the best of luck in your exams! i'll bring the energy for you...>GANBATTE!*0*

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks sweet ;) haha. It's nice to read it.
      Well if you're curious about me; my posts are mostly my characters; you may analyze them though.
      I don't talk much though in real life; I think a lot :P
      I know! It's just too big amount of homeworks right? Haha XD
      Oh; does it work?? I should try to chew melon popping candy then! :D haha~~
      Thank you~~~~ >__< ganbatte to you too ne! xoxo

  2. Aww. That's a lot of work to do. Idk if I can do it as well. By just doing the homework, I feel like I'm already piled up. T^T And thannk you for the sympathy, Konayachi. Although I was a bit confused if you've mistaken my post dad someone died. LOL Anyways, thank you very much. <3 I appreciate it a lot you know. Now, I don't feel much of alone anymore. :3 And I think your family has been busy. I don't think your family would ever forget you la. You seem close with them. (Because you guys used to hangout once in a while and your mom takes care of your dog, doesn't she?) :3

    1. Hehe!!
      Just believe, and a little bit of sacrificing (sleep in my case); I did my best although in the end I can't submit it completely.
      Hmm idk if I'm mistaked of your post > <
      I just hope I'm not :/
      Haha~ yes they're really busy lately. And I think I'm going to be busy too! Exams in near time :D
      Thanks Kristen ^^


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