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Review : The Moon That Embraces The Sun.

Perhaps some of you have watched this drama?

The Moon Embracing the Sun (해를 품은 달), a saeguk drama which tells about The King's died Queen which is replaced by second Queen, but the death of the real Queen is actually a set-up from the ministers who are thirst of position and money.

Well that's the very very brief story.

So, here are the actors and actreeses:

Heo Yeon Woo.

Lee Hwon.

Yoon Bo Kyung.

Yang Myeong.

Heo Young Jae.


Heo Yeon Woo (by Han Ga In) was a girl from Heo family (yds?).

Her brother Heo Young Jae was graduated as the best student on the entire country. On the graduation ceremony, Yeon Woo attended for her brother, but she accidentally met King Lee Hwon.
At that time, she didn't know who King Lee Hwon was.

So they separated way.

Her brother then became the young King Lee Hwon's personal tutor, because he's chosen as the smartest scholar in the country.
At first Lee Hwon didn't like Young Jae, because he didn't want to study. Meh lazy like me! Haha~

But then, suddenly the King's grandmother heard from the Palace's shaman that her 'position' in the palace was in danger, so the grandmother wanted Lee Hwon to find his queen asap!
OMG! He was still 15 okay??

Then, all girls in the entire country were prohibited to get married because all of them were obligated to attend the queen choosing by the palace.
At this time, Yang Myeong-gun (Lee Hwon's step brother, good friend with Young Jae and Chae Woon) liked Yeon Woo so much.

Yang Myeong didn't want Yeon Woo to attend the queen choosing because he would lost her if the palace choose her.
Besides, Lee Hwon was his brother, Yang Myeong didn't want his brother to 'have' Yeon Woo, since Yang Myeong liked Yeon Woo so much.

Young Yeon Woo and Young Yang Myeong.

But since palace's rule was superior and no one could disobey it, Yeon Woo attended the palace and just fortunate, she's chosen as the queen-with the daughter from Yoon family: Yoon Bo Kyung.

Bo Kyung's father was the ministry-right under the royal grandmother's hand.
Lee Hwon grandmother's insecured with her position, and the Yoon minister promised her to help her in maintaining her position in the royal palace.
But for Minister Yoon to stay in the palace, his daughter-Bo Kyung must become the queen.

Finally the royal grandmother accepted it, and she asked a palace's shaman to 'kill' the chosen queen, Yeon Woo!!

Young: Yang Myeong - Lee Hwon - Young Jae - Woon.

Young: Yeon Woo - Lee Hwon.

With 'magic', Yeon Woo was made to be gravely ill and was moved to her house. Lee Hwon was worried and after a short time, he received the news that Yeon Woo passed away in her house.

Of course it frustrated Lee Hwon, ever since he met Yeon Woo in the graduation ceremony, he'd been loving her and now, so fast she passed away!
He's not allowed to visit her graveyard and anything related to her, believed that it would bring 'bad luck' to the palace and country.

And so, the second chosen queen-Bo Kyung was promoted to be the palace queen and married Lee Hwon short after Yeon Woo's death.

Many years passed, and one thing that nobody knew was that Yeon Woo was rescued by the Shaman who killed her.
She actually didn't killed her, but protected her because long time ago before Yeon Woo was born, the Shaman's friend-Ari told her to protect the 'moon' of the palace (literally the queen), and there will be two moons and two suns (this will refer to two queens and two kings).

Shaman predicted that the real queen was Yeon Woo, and rescued her, then moved with her and her maid-Seol to a far far away place, far from the palace and the evil royal grandmother and minister.

Until Yeon Woo grew up, she then accidentally met Lee Hwon with Woon (who finally became Lee Hwon's trusted warrior), and Lee Hwon had a feeling about Yeon Woo who lost her memories because of the illness created by the Shaman.

Lee Hwon asked Yeon Woo her name, but since she couldn't remember anything, then Lee Hwon give her the name 'Wol'.

Ever since then, because of things, Shaman, Seol and Yeon Woo returned to Palace because Lee Hwon-the King doesn't want to sleep with the queen-Bo Kyung.
The palace literally want to have a heir at this time.

Okay, Lee Hwon kept on rejecting Bo Kyung to sleep with him, and palace believed it's because of illness.
So they--coincidentally invited the Shaman which have returned to palace, and the Shaman offered Wol (Yeon Woo) to become the King's talisman to remove the illness.

So, every night Wol visited the King's bed and literally became his talisman. Woon witnessed all of it.

But that one night, the King suddenly woke up and caught Wol, remembered that time he met Wol which reminded him of the dead Yeon Woo, was very angry because every night she's sitting beside the sleeping him.

So Yeon Woo was punished because of it (yeah it's a misunderstanding!!) and was exiled away from the castle. But then she's rescued by Yang Myeong (which seemed like mistakenly recognise her as Yeon Woo as well~~~~kya!)

Yang Myeong was extremely kind to her, and said that he lost his loved one long time ago, and Yang Myeong confessed to her!!

*okay I forget few parts of this*

and then on a day when Yeon Woo was on the castle, on the palace where she and Lee Hwon usually spent long time ago, finally she remembered everything. Little by little!!

And because she remembered now who was the real she, now she's in danger under the royal grandmother and the ministers.

When the Queen Bo Kyung found out that the dead Queen Yeon Woo returned, she became really scared and she couldn't be with the King anymore since she knew that Lee Hwon only loved Yeon Woo, and never loved her.
She decided to do suicide, literally because one world can't have 'two moons'.

Yang Myeong protected her though, and the castle had riot from the minister who attacked the king because they didn't sleep together (King and Queen) after years, simply because Lee Hwon still loved the dead Yeon Woo, but when he finally found out that the human-talisman Wol was Yeon Woo, he couldn't help but hugged her tight and tried to find out how to save her.

Yang Myeong, although was very sad and broken hearted, but he also loved his brother-the king, and he helped Lee Hwon fought the riot which happened on the last two episodes.
Yang Myeong was killed on the riot, and all of it he planned it by himself. Because he knew that one world can't have 'two suns'.

And the riot ended, Lee Hwon and Yeon Woo were together now, they got married and kissed under the starry night!!

~The end.

Maybe I overreacted, but I teared when I watched this drama hahaha!!

One of the best drama I watched. I watched this drama long ago actually (on my holiday), and wanted to write it now because just now I watched Runningman episode 87 (The Moon Embraces The Sun episode) and thought, maybe I want to review a little bit.

I got lost for details because I watched this drama for so long ago, but the rough story is like above.
You'd better watch it by yourself, I guarantee it's one of the best drama!!

Actors are handsome and actresses are beautiful.
Even the supposed-to-be-antagonist Bo Kyung is very pretty and I can't hate her because she's so kelian, she actually didn't do anything wrong and Lee Hwon dumped her.
She's the substituted queen anyway.

And I wished *cough* Yeon Woo would be with Yang Myeong haha ;)

The Warrior Woon character is my puppy's inspiration name : Woon!
My little Woon died though.

Rating: 8/10

Recommended? Okay, but not for action lovers :)
Only if you like drama and love story.
There's not too much action scenes. Mostly drama, and onion cry scenes haha.


Have a great Friday!

Lots of love


  1. The day before yesterday i started watched this show but only for a few minutes. Yesterday i watched the full episode and i loved the show! I really wanted to know the story in brief, and you gave me the answer! I am so happy reading this that i shared this link with my friends. It was funny, the way you talked. Thanks so much ^^

    1. You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed the drama ^^


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