Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review : Casio EX-N10 - 美丽的金♥

Hi~~~~good morning pretties~!

You know, it's been a while I get real busy but I am now here with a new review!

Greet the new baby digicam : Casio EX-N10 in Gold!

Ok I am supposed to take glammy piccas to review this digicam so the mood is improved~~~~but how, I don't have bling bling stuff and jewelries.

So, one of the latest series for Casio Exilim is this N10.
Comes in 3 colours : Gold, Pink and Black~!

You can see how pretty is it as one of your cute stuff to pack in your daily bag?
Digicam is designed for girls and women but if you're a guy you can still get this digicam, this digicam is not that sexist alright :)

My brother is now borrowing my Casio EX-N1 for few weeks and he's totally okay with it so yeah ;) why can't guys get it?

You see it's so tiny~~to fit your palm!
Always remember that I have tiny tiny palm so if you see piccas with my palm, always remember that it's small.

So when my tiny palm can grab the digicam well, means that this digicam is really tiny~~!
So convenient and practical right? (^O^*)

For the battery, I can guarantee that it's really good.
I haven't charged the digicam for more than a week or two~~And the battery indicator is still green!

I used the digicam daily :D if you wonder.
If you turn the digicam on for more than 6 hours a day of course it will be different. :)

Idk why I put the 'Autoflash' menu twice (-__-")
Menu seems so promising right? (^O^\*)

It comes with BS presets so it can actually adapt to your environment!!

Few snaps of demo!

Perhaps flash is better to be demonstrated outdoors and at night but unfortunately I don't really like going downstairs at night because it's really cold and can't be helped le, BS is so crowded nowadays so it's not really good.

Macro demos are here!

Is it good? (^_^*)

I love to use Macro mode because I often take piccas of my friends notes *confession* lol~!
I love to keep notes in picture rather than renote it since by renoting notes, I might make mistakes and if that's fatal I'll be screwed!!

Here are Optical Zoom demos!

Optical zooms are really good and sharp I am amazed with it

Probably for hikers and travelers this is actually a great digicam with powerful quality, despite of the girly and toyish case. ;)

So enough review for this post, I might review this digicam more in the future since I haven't gotten to try many other BS presets due to lack of objects and time, I'm super packed lately oh.

Pros: small, light, very pretty design, powerful zoom, many BS presets, make-up mode, affordable, suitable for students, employers, travelers, young teenagers, family use (literally it's for everyone!).
Cons: haven't found any for now.

So, maybe when you stumbled upon this post from Google or anywhere, have you met your ideal digicam if you're looking for one now? :)

Superloveeee my neko neko totebag from buni buni meow ranger♥ like the karaaaa-.

Check out my other digicam reviews here.

Future reviews will come, my exams are ending tomorrow afternoon and assignments are pilling up too.
Life of an uni student is really busy, packed and honestly fun at some times!

Still unable to blogwalk aish~~sorry for everyone who may be waiting for my visit but I'll definitely visit you when my days are loosened v(^O^*) I promise.

Have a great Wednesday for everyone~~~~! chu

Lots of love


  1. konayachiii why you always have the cutest cams!?? >.> envy you! aaa.. huuu.. so kawaii!!

    Did you keep all of your cams?

    1. Heehee~~~~! <3
      No I didn't keep all of them ;__; I let my mama take care of all those. I live in kos now the chance of them getting stolen is very high >__< hahaha~

  2. awww i love your new camera. the colour, pattern, zoom in and everythinggg. :D btw it matched your bag :)

  3. Amazing camera! It's cute and the zoom is fantastic, it amazed me as well hehe :-)

    1. Yep actually it is what I like ;) it's great!

  4. seems like a nice cam !
    im still using my super old one ;_;

    1. Heehee I guess your old one is really good ^^ !


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