Sunday, November 18, 2012

Exam weeks three.

Hi guys! ヽ(*ゝヮ゜*)ノ ♪
Random post here written on exam weeks so the title is 'Exam Weeks'.

A very fresh selca-nyan after a really fun hot-bath!

Just notice, I have whiskers everytime I feel happy! Nyan~!

Today since morning it has been raining cats and dogs.
I remembered I dried my exploding underwears on the balcony so I fought the wind and heavily-downpour rain to rescue my dying underwears!! ヽ(` ^ ´)/

(I scared more if they fly away to other rooms' balcony so I sacrificed myself to be extremely drenched in order to save them. 
Can't imagine how paiseh to knock their door to fetch the flying underwear?)

I don't remember whether I got them completely or I might have lost one or two pairs of underwear; (I have too many pairs so yeah...), just in time!

Drenched badly since morning and it's freezing the whole day!
Jakarta has been really cold these few days from the heavy rain, the cloudy sky and cold wind.

By the way, a few days ago, I helped my mama to book hotel room via phone.

My mama scared to talk to the receptionist on the phone so literally we had conference-call to book the hotel room.
With my poor speaking skill, my mama's and just lucky the hotel receptionist was a very kind and patient lady, so we managed to book the rooms.
ヾ( ^ω^)ノ

I was the one talking the most to the receptionist, and while the receptionist asked for the name of the booker (I think? Not sure).
Then I whispered my mama on the conference call, so stupid a!
Haha, of course the receptionist can hear it also.

Then to mention dad's name, I unconsciously told her my dad's hokkien name (Han Hokguan)!
Then my mama laughed along and told the receptionist the Indon name.
Aiya, so silly me. (/ _ \ " )

Even to spell dad's name per letter was also very pain in the ass.
At first I didn't understand what she wanted (she actually asked to spell the name) and I was laughing, didn't know what to answer.
But my mama answered it seemed like she knew.
She did it like the one on movies: phonetic alphabets.

Wah, then mama asked me to continue spell my dad's name with phonetic alphabet.
OMG (-_- " )

I just realised I suck in spelling with phonetic alphabets!!
It took me 10 seconds or more to think what comes with S (I always think of Sesshoumaru omg) and I did mention Sesshoumaru!!
Mama laughed (okay she knows InuYasha) and she helped me with Spaghetti!
OMG I laughed back, then the receptionist said Sierra? 

We both okay-ed her! (*≧∇≦)

Ahhhh I need to practise phonetic-spelling!!

Aiya now that I think about it, why didn't she book the hotel without me?
She's the one going right, not me?? le bo jioooo *cry* 

So last night I had bad dream.

I seldom have bad dreams but last night I had one.
This is kind of embarassing one. (●⌒∇⌒●")

So in my dream, I was doing stuffs when I then touched my 奶奶 and I found lumps in it.
I was woooo what's this!?!?!?!?
(okay I've seen my cousin and mama had theirs undergone a surgery to remove the lumps and I had mine on my dream!!)

My doctor suggested a surgery to remove the lumps but I rejected it!
I don't want my husband to see the wounded asset of mine hahah
Then it grew larger and larger and my doctor put her wand to my 奶奶 and spelled "be gone, youkaiiii!!" and the lumps went away.

(o___O") poker face when I heard that spell.
I guess my brain mixed Harry Potter and Inu Yasha epicly!

Then 奶奶 sank to become really small and I became a very flat size A!
Felt soooo sad because the doctor put a spell on me so it didn't grow to have room for the lumps!
All so sudden my bikini became really big and loose and I lost 20 kg!!
Means that each side was REALLY 10 kg ma?

I laughed so much since I think I considered each side is 10 kgs, and on my dream I had that way.

Brainnnn, what have you done to ruin my peaceful sleep with such dream?? 
It was a horrible dream to get lumps and to become an A.

When I woke up I directly did check check and just relieved everything was fine, no lumps and no A size.

Still laugh until now when I remember that. ヽ( *´▽`*  )/

Haven't progressed much on my study, only a little bit each day, but I always feel like it's not gonna be enough.
So today I might want to study until a little bit late.

Comments are still welcomed and I've read one and each of them, gonna reply after I feel a bit relaxed.
Have a great Sundayyyy to you!
Sorry for the random topics today....;)

I had so much fun today ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Lots of love


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