Thursday, November 15, 2012

Exam weeks one.

Hi~~~~minnatachi! (*´∀`*)♪

In the middle of my exam weeks, I know I've been careless.

First day of exam, I didn't sleep at all the night okay? I studied all networking thingies and you know what?

I didn't do well....! (*´Д`)ノ
I missed a formula about counting IP address which the lecturer told us TO HAVE THAT QUESTION 100% CORRECT★

I'm so sorry to disappoint you Sir *wanna cry now*

I stayed up too late also was horrible. I didn't feel well the next day (it was a light exam where we only submitted our paper) and when I returned home, you know what happened? (´д`o)

No I'm not crying haha =)

My eyes are so sore ヾ(。>д<)ノ
It might be kind of irritated or dirty? Mollayo mollayo!

No, if you wondered whether I wear contact lens everyday?
Never wear contact lens anymore :/

I think it's the effect of no sleep for days....?!

I will get scolded if xiao xiongmao know this omg  ε====(ノД`。)ノ *run*

I hope I regret of this eye sore so in the future there will be no sleepless days.
It's not that painful but disturbing enough. ヘ(。´・д)ノ

I am not sure to get eye-drops or not, have been thinking to buy it but I didn't go anywhere today. Maybe if it becomes worse tomorrow then I will go to drugstore to purchase an eye-drops.

On the other hand, I had enough sleep today for the change of sleepless days! I slept at 7 pm yesterday because I felt unwell (tired and also that eyesore), woke up today pretty good although the red eyes are still there.
Maybe I just need to drink a lot of water (since my lips are chipped as well) and good rest.

No more sleepless night I guess (* ̄ー ̄*)/

Will start to read about Programming now (my next exam on Tuesday will be Programming) so on that day I hope there will be no sleepless night then♪



Took piccas when studied with friend at library days ago.
I know I looked so retarded for *snapssnaps* here and there (*・∀・*)ノ


Ekkado snack my mama made for me! Haha.

Hawker no satays!

BS boarders' kuruma dayo~ I long for mine ;_;

My hp spoils real bad lately ヾ(´Д`、)
Confirmed that my mama won't buy me new hp unless my third semester GPA is above 3.5!

I thought I am about to buy my new hp on December so I gotta delay it until February then. My third semester ends on February.

Ah~~~~It's too long!! (●´ε`●)★

Healthy *clever look* selca-nyan. Taken a few days ago before I got the eyesore.
I prefer clever look than nerd, haha.

Do you prefer spectacles or contact lens? ヾ(´∀`)ノ

Oh, one more thing:
I'll get back to you once I'm good. I'll be pretty much like still write stuffs but not really bloghopping. :)

Lots of love


  1. Aww~ your eye looks so irritated >,< I hate it when that happens to me too =_= Eye drops help a lot<3

    & I prefer contacts during the day & glasses at night so I can read in bed and quickly take them off to sleep ^.~


    1. Yes~~ Had eyedrops it's so much better now ;)
      I have sufficient sleep nowadayss :D thankews

  2. Aww. I hope your eye isn't sore anymore. Wishing you luck on your exams! Jia you.c:


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