Sunday, November 25, 2012

Exam weeks five.

Another Sunday post here♪

So there has been something wrong with my Blogger dashboard.
If you open your Blogger dashboard daily, you may have seen that I posted my previous post [Confession: Friend] twice right?

The fact is I never post it twice ( ̄  ̄)
Once I know I double post it, I deleted the second post.
(which I believe is a bug from blogger itself haha)

When I deleted the second post, my draft post which is about digicam review is also gone!
Idk why when I deleted the double post, the draft post about my digicam review is also gone whereas I never deleted the digicam review post.

I haven't published the digicam review post yet ヾ(*´O`)ツ
And it was perfect already (so I gotta write the whole review again okays).

For now, I don't want to rewrite the review because I'm studying for my Tuesday exam--Statistics.

The bad thing is I don't like this subject~~(´・x・ノノ
I am bad in counting anything, I suck in math I think.

I am only good in counting money muahaha~~!
Since both of my parents are entrepreneurs (ノ ̄ー ̄)☆

Okay there's the common dilemma here:
Shall I cut my fringe? Since it's getting annoying now ヾ(´(エ)`ノ゙

You may know that I used to have long fringe:

Ever since I had my haircut on the end of September, I've trimmed my fringe about 4 times and it's very very irritating to always cut fringe.

I'm not the type that is dilligent to keep my hair in shape
I used to let it grow long and didn't care much about how would it look, but now the fringe is at the irritating point where it keeps poking my eye (>.<") ouch.

For now I might don't want to trim it first and I'll see how long will it take to grow passing my eyes.
Because once it passes my eyes at least it won't poke the poor eyes (*・∀・*)

After exam I super need to exerciseeee!
Today when I lay down to do morning situps I see my tummy keeps poink poink like soooo much buni buni inside argh~!
It's like the soft mode of belly beer *I lol-ed when I typed this*

I cannot wear bikini-chan if my tummy is like this ;--;

If you've seen my bare tummy you'd know what I meant by sentence above haha.

Encourage myself to exerciseeee after exam no more excuse~~~~!
Hwaiting~~! ヽ( ^O^)/

I gg end this post to study~~!

Didn't understand at all~~~~! ;--;
Need to be really serious in study *turn off gadgets*


Lots of love


  1. Ooh i have dilemma as well, cuz you look in both, with long or short fringe super cute so i don't know what to advise...:)
    but i think long fringe makes your face skinnier, or in this picture looks like^^

    1. Heheeee for now I might be letting it grow~~!
      I also think long fringe will make me look skinnier haha :)
      Thanks for the comment! xx

  2. Good luck on Statistics~ c:
    It's actually not that difficult - just make sure you understand the logic!

    And I need to exercise too~ ;u; I haven't been eating healthily in the past while, and I haven't been exercising... ;u;

    As for your fringe, I think you should grow it out~! You look great with grown out fringe, and I'm jealous! >u<

    1. I did well on my Statistics exam!! XD thank youuuu for the supports :D
      I'll encourage you to exercise! I'll be exercising more once my exams are done :3

      And I plan to grow it too now~~~~! Maybe will decide later whether to cut it or not haha ;)

  3. Statistics?

    I think you look prettier in long fringe but cuter in short. Huwaaa. Can't decide as well. Fuuuu~ ;A;

    1. Haha~ I decide to grow it~~ ^w^
      Maybe when I'm bored I can cut it at once~~? Haha :D

  4. Aww you look so cute. =w=

    That's my problem too sometimes. Fringes can be annoying. >.< When I'm not in the mood to deal with it I just tie it up so it won't get in the way. :3

    1. Thank you~~!

      Ah that might be great idea! So now I got to grow my fringe~~ And I will tie it up once it's becoming annoying haha. Thanks for the suggestions ;)

  5. i think you're much better without fringe :)
    goodluck with your exams anyway !

    1. I will remember that!! I am planning to grow it for now xD
      Thank you I passed it I did well :D


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