Saturday, November 3, 2012


I think I recovered pretty quick and today I've been out for stuffs to do ヾ(*・-・)ツ
Woke up pretty late actually then directly went to uni and did stuffs until so late.

Have been enjoying today's activities (´・ω・`)ツ★
My uni is holding kind of small bazaar with stands on first floor and while I was waiting for A&W I snapped piccas since I brought Connie along today ( ̄ v  ̄●)ノ
my Ginny is died haven't fed her for a while ヾ(´(エ)`ノ゙

Selca nyan with Connie★ Loving the soft-focus touch! Stickering piccas is so fun~!

Let us have キャンパスツアー★ (read: campus tour) for November 02nd!

Frankly I just really pay attention to this board! Usually I just walked by it, never bother to read.

Have this sweet thing for dinner! They put very few lettuce and bunch of tomato dices!!

One of my homework due next week!

Okay since it's 2 AM and I'm still awake, I might need to finish UI above.
You see any mistakes above?
Well it's still far from perfect and the bad news is:

I need to remake all of it!! /(。□。;/)

Yeah I think I made a big mistake while I create new project.. Didn't tick the "" so I cannot snip coding or whatsoever there duno.

Just good I use Netbeans IDE for it, if we have to code ALL of it I wanna mati already if I have to redo the whole thing!

Okay so I now struggling on remake all of the UI for now, and gotta do the coding on Sunday.
Tomorrow got classes until around evening and supposedly gonna be so tired, cannot do coding properly!

Very sincere praying for tonight:
May my group's Entrepreneur HUGE PROJECT de proposal report is accepted by our lecturer at once and I can start to work on it!
Among all my projects and assignments, this Entre Project is one of the complicated and difficult project we have!

May write about it someday later in the future, got to drag-and-drop my repeated UI project first then wanna snooze for a while. Lucky tmr's class is not so early so I can sleep a bit later. Maybe I'll give myself until 3 AM then.

Lots of love

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