Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Submajor course result; and welcoming 李世龍♥

Hi! It has been really busy lately.
So, so many things actually happened!

Yesterday was the Submajor course result day!

I am accepted for Applied ERP Submajor course, and I think I got to be much busier then next year when I start to have this Submajor course. Real hard, seniors said.
Need to tell myself that being an ERP students means my career is most likely to become anything related to ERP, and I need to compliment SAP softwares, which means if I am not working in a big city, my Bachelor is useless.

Is that true? I don't know but I assumed so.
I was told that SAP users are most likely for really huge companies who are able to purchase the very expensive software, so if I return to my homeland which is a small city, or Jogja, I doubt I will find many companies who are applying SAP software.

And since my course will be focusing on integrating SAP so I can assume that way.

Just need to do my best on it! ~~I know I can do it!

Maybe starting next year I wanna reduce outside school activities like teaching and stuffs. 
It's been too busy for me to both study-hard and teach. Falling sick so often.

So, another thing, today (31/10/12) my best-cousin-forever who got married earlier this year, who we have the very same interest in Hello Kitty and puppies, who is one of my closest biaojie ever: 有美姐 is having her first baby boy today!!

Can't believe it is so fast! Earlier we went play together, watched movies together, we go to Sanrio Kitty stores together and we struggled squealing for choosing our Kittys, then I moved Jakarta, she moved Papua, met her BF, they got married earlier this year, then today her first baby is born!

I am never with her when she's on her bigbig day! ;(

Welcoming 李世龍 !

Had the very first picca of him because of Blackberry group of Han Family!

Behind the name:
李 his daddy's surname.
世 family name generation. After 有 is 世. (And I'm still wondering why I got 妙 instead of 有~~~~)
龍 because it's 2012! Dragon year ftw.

I help suggested the 龍 because since we have 世, why it sounds similar with Bruce Lee? Haha!! They use it anyway. The angmoh name is Orlando! I don't know who choose it seriously just suddenly told us: Orlando Lee!

Anyway it's so much joy there in Jogja and I am here, suffocating for my school (=T_T=)

Don't feel well since Monday night. Don't know why I never get better.. Maybe because I need sleep!! > < I think I need real rest. Has been very sleepless and sick.. Can't tahan now wanna have my hibernation. Gonna write again after I feel well. 

(>.< )( >.<) !! Ganbate~~!
Think wanna skip gym for a while until I feel well.

Please welcome the baby boy

Lastly, please stay safe for East Coast in US for the Sandy, I wish you all right, stay safe once again!

Lots of love

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