Monday, October 29, 2012

Maybe it's called tiring day-or maybe it's called life.


Just home from a really long Monday.

Nothing too tiring to do today, but feel somehow VERY VERY exhausted~(; ̄◇ ̄)

Wanted to go swimming today but found out a couple swimming together there in the corner so I decided, not today....! 
Felt very very uncomfy! Haiz~ (/"_-)

At school, all classes I had today got quizus~!
YAY with sarcasm voice.

Programming 1 class! Had four coding questions for GUI.
I was actually surprised by myself for finishing really fast, around 35 minutes for handwritting coding but then when submitted, realised I made SO MANY MISTAKES.
When the lecturer explained the answer I kept saying jiasai, jiasai in my head omg -__-
I think I was doing it the way too overly arranged, since I actually needed only three JPanels and I think I created around six JPanels~~~~!!

It's the way too heavy to flip the heavy pages!

Then the Networking class we had IP Addressing quizu which was actually EASY but also DIFFICULT! The lecturer explained it zen guaiguai like he's running away from a shemale, without periods and commas!!
Omg I barely can understand even after he explained for more than 5 times!! *bad sign of failing class!

We were given an IP Address, to determine the class, netID and hostID, how many subnets and hosts can we make from that IP Address, also write down all the subnet masks~~~~!!

Omg we're Information System students not Computer Networking one! Haha
But I learned a lot today about IP Addressing although I am not sure whether I will have to deal with this in the future. Maybe when I have my own company (omg S3!) and also I would want to volunteer myself to build the LAN hahaha~~(ノ・_^)⌒☆

Idk why I sound so excited here meh -__-

Supposed to be my Prog cheating notes but I can barely read it!! @__@"

So tomorrow is my second day teaching English~~~~!! 
Haven't prepared anything at all omg omg omg omg.

I haven't written about my first day teaching right?

Okay, so it was a great sunny day. I arrived one hour earlier and no one was on the house though. I go to the empty class, turned on my laptop and played music there.
Pretty much I was very nervous because my tummy aching badly, and one by one my juniors came.

Okay, I know. I handed the books and we kept quiet until 9:20 I was supposed to start already but I can't. I kept giggling by myself (okay I may look weird), until I really started around 9:25 haha I was late a bit.

Then, gave them time to read the one-page passage, then asked then to re-tell the story and no one really said anything.... -__-" so I thought at once, this class is really quiet omg.
Then I decided to make them do grammar exercises by doing it each person each question, and then I think they're pretty good already because almost none of them made any mistake.

Then I explained a very simple grammar in English and I actually wanted them to be a little chatty or noisy but nah, it was VERY QUIET like I was talking to myself.
Okay I admit I have corrupted English accent but okay, I speak Indonesian a little bit then they responded, one or two words~~~~! *frustrated inside my mind
Honestly I don't know what they want then when they said something really blur one, I just laughed along and continued the lesson, hoped that they're not asking me something behind that LOL.

Gave them homework last week and I planned to make a little game for tomorrow's class but until now I haven't prepared anything. Maybe I shall prepare a little one soon but my Entrepreneur's proposal is at risk so I think I will sleep late again tonight?

I hope no... I want to go swimming tomorrow and I don't want to sleep late today since if I sleep late, tomorrow I will be really exhausted (Tuesday is always an exhausting day) and I cannot go swim tomorrow.

Ahhhh Wednesday also got pilling homeworks there then, I wish I can pack all activities and do it well.

So fast ley!! My mid term exams in two weeks~~~~!!

Logging off, feel very sick now hopefully tomorrow gonna be okay, since gonna be teaching, classes and projects~~ Ganbate!

Lots of love


  1. Same here!!My exams are on November and i got so much to do and everything is asdfghjkl; >< what can i do!!ahh!!my mind~go crazy soon if continue like this >< I promise to stay away from any kind of distraction but..urghh power study mode needs to be ON soon!!take care♥

    1. Hehehe~~ > < Let's do our best for November's exam! ^^
      Yesyes need focus only until exam ends~~~~ Ganbatte nyan!! ;D

  2. wow! jie ur now an english teacher nice ah!ahhaa...I wonder what will happen if I'm one of ur students, hihi :D

    I agree on this part btw "we're Information System students not Computer Networking one! Haha" LIKE2X :))

    waah...swimming! :))

    have a nice day jie!
    happy halloween :D

    1. Haha!! Maybe we gonna laugh ne :P
      Hahaha XD because it's so true!! Very head-spinning when I listen about how to count IP address :x

      Happy halloween to u too ;) xx


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