Thursday, October 11, 2012

Boisterousness of Submajor choosing! #2

Spent Thursday unproductively~

Woke up so late already, open laptop and realised the Submajor choosing has been opened!
Panicly I open the registration page and scanned through the five choices~~~~half-sleepy choosing my Submajors and submitted it.

I don't know shall I share my choices here since no one shares theirs, but I want to share it so well I don't care how many of my friends would read this.

I chose Applied ERP and Applied Database as my Submajors.

Weird a? Yeah! Those Submajors are really on different way. ERP is business-process analysing and apply it on SAP softwares, while Database is integrating databases based of Oracle.

It's like choosing to go to left or right, right?

You know what? It's my second chance to choose.

First chance, actually I chose Applied ERP and SIS, but reflecting myself, I don't think I would enjoy SIS.
It's my blog right so I will just be frank on it!
ERP and SIS are similar, like I read on many many Binusian forums, but to view the subjects I am gonna have and such, my "instinct" just say "I don't know" about SIS.

The worst part is I cannot discuss it with anyone.

My friends? All of them are really let's just say it, vexed too about this Submajor choosing but I honestly really want to discuss, what are those all about.
They would probably just reply: Choose what you interest the most a, don't ask friends about it it'll just make you very very confused right?

I just answer it inside my heart, how if I don't even know what's my interest?

I enjoy analising business processes on last two semesters, I think it's kind of nice and really challenging.
But I don't want to 100% say goodbye to coding and programming.
I love to do programmings but not devoting myself 100% to it as well. I asked several friends about which Submajor is half analysing, half coding?

No one really answer I think.

Second, discuss it with my parents.
They don't even know what are all those so it's just useless. They just said to me: if you don't know what's your interest on, just choose the one with the most difficult Submajor with requirements. Use all of your scores to choose them.

That's why I took Applied ERP and Applied Database, both with requirements.... -_-"

My sisters and brothers, none of them are IS graduate, so I can't ask anyone.
My brother is also Binusian IT graduate too so I asked him about Applied Database (which happened him had this Submajor too long time ago, but he took other Submajor)~
Well, no reply until now. My HP is troubling at the moment now.

None of people outside my classmates I am talking to lately are IS students so this is kind of frustrating!! Most of them are IT.

I still have once chance to choose, I might change my mind someday on this week but not sure.
It's really confusing, I bite my tongue a lot and my hands are freezing. I can't think well~

Hoping to see *enlightening* before the choosing day end, which will be next week.

I will blog more interesting stuffs after my mind isn't messy anymore, just this week is the main point where will I see myself in 5 more years!

Lots of love


  1. If i were you i'd go with coding cuz thats something i might do at the end of the day *referring to before exam hahaa* but why dont you just ask seniors or check records like which one gets better grades on average.go for the easy-scoring in that case.
    Is the submajor that big a deal..then choose what might support your future prospective :)
    stay cool dear <3 nyan

    1. Hmm you're right!! Since Idk what my interest is so I think I choose ERP, maybe it'll help me to learn more about this specific company too :D thanks for the comment.

  2. Left and right, well I guess it has its advantages too that you take different paths? Because you learn more stuff. OwO but idk either though, since I'm still a high schooler up til now.
    But I guess, I can understand a bit of how you feel. I am still confused too about which university to enroll in and what major to take. x__x
    Good luck in picking the submajor! Hope you pick one that you'll enjoy and give you the best future! :D

    1. Yup that's why for choosing these Peminatan thingies is just so bad x__x I cannot discuss it with anyone just too bad. But thank you for your concern though =D haha~~! I think I don't regret taking ERP ;)


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