Saturday, October 6, 2012


It's been raining lately here, so it feels so cosy to snooze. I didn't go out since yesterday since it rains and I only stay here, trying to do my Statistic homeworks (to find out that Statistic class tomorrow is GSLC! Then I suppose to submit it next week~ Wah so dilligent la Miaojuan!)

Anxiousness in my chest is really disturbing. I've been having good days lately Idk why it's just amazing! My chest is almost exploding it's too excited Idk why. Even it took me 5 hours to finish like 8 questions because of it~ Yar~ I'm too easily distracted ah? Too bad~

I just realised I have 163 followers already, it's so much for me I know I can't be compared to beauty bloggers who are constantly have something to write. This is personal blog though so I guess those awesome people who are following me now are the one that may have 'slight' interest in my daily life~

Really many thankful for all of you who've been with me since the first time I wrote blog until now, I've experienced so many awesome things and through blogging, it's really fortunate to me!

Just so happy!!

I'm too poor for giveaways but maybe when I start to work and earn a little, I may host small giveaway. It's for loads of grateful feeling I have to my readers, you've really been supporting me all of this time. The commenting readers, the silent readers, or the "stumbled-upon" readers, well all of you are amazing♥

Idk my swimming bag is just so sweet~

Meet new baby! Review soon~

Newspaper legging, just so fancy isn't it? Sleeping with this is so comfy~

Babies I will review someday in the future!!

Have a great weekend for all of you~! I'm off to bed now because I'm hungry :x I don't want another extra carbs to my tummy at this hour. Self-control!!

Lots of love


  1. OMG. Are those all cameras? And they sponsored it to you? OMG. Sweeet~ <3

    I am in love with your bed sheet btw. Hehe! And your newspaper leggings is so fancy! Like it!! Congrats on having 163 followers. <3 You're an awesome blogger. :3

    1. Yup cameras!! Amazing >.<
      Hehehe bed sheet my mama sew it for me :) haha! Thank you and you're a sweet blogger too.

  2. I guess I will too. :)
    yepp, i guess so XD my parents also approve of it already. I hope I'll get accepted x__x I hope soo! XDDD
    I don't like math, but I don't hate it. Personally, I like counting better than memorizing, but I'd rather do physics than math. ._.v /slapped I'm not really expert on it either, since my school doesn't teach programming. "orz I just find it interesting, and it serves as a good job, I think XD
    yesss, I think so too for architecture! I like it, but I don't think I really belong there, so I'm going for IT. ^^
    You're right, it's more of a temporary joy I guess. x__x
    Thanks! :D
    If I remember correctly, it was quite same in the first season. I never got to watch the 2nd season because my dvd failed on me "orz
    omg, it's the same capacity too!! hahaha XD around 700k. x__x all my money gone. lol
    Glad to hear that then. :')

    You changed your blogger langauge to Japanese? It's amazing, I just love it! XD (even though I don't know how to read it, but I'm just excited XD (?))
    It's raining over here too. *sneeze* >__<
    Anxiousness? O__o or excitement? I don't really get it x__x
    With your interesting posts, of course you deserve them. plus, your pictures are really top notch quality XD
    the newspaper leggings~!!! It's so cool! <3 >u<
    What's in the last picture?? O__o some electronic stuff?

    1. OMG Seriously you prefer Physics than Math?? o.O wowow~ XD just rare, I see rare people love Physics more than Math, maybe you're the first? Haha don't worry. Here you'll learn programming from the very basic. Or I can teach you maybe haha don't worry :3 well I'm not good as well but tho XD

      Hmm, how about Torrent the 2nd season?? :O I have the 2nd season is Torrent too, from my classmates though XDD~
      Wow, I bought my ExHDD for 550. D: more than one year ago.. Maybe different place is different price also? :)

      Only feel like changing one though, you're not confused right? XD haha~ I scared readers are gonna confused so they won't comment here :< Hmm, in two weeks there will be good things happen XD I can't wait XD haha~~ Like something really good :P erm, can't really tell here though. Maybe on letter. Ahhh I haven't sent your letter *sobs sobs* I shall rewrite it though =X it's expired already~~
      Yup electronic stuffs, just stay tuned ;))

  3. kameramu banyak banget sis >.< ,itu beli semua kahh O.O ??luarr biasa

    1. Heehee gak semuanya beli koq :P ga banyak duitnya xD


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