Sunday, September 16, 2012


This Sunday is really lousy. I almost did nothing, mainly ate my stuffs, watched shows and cleaned my room.
I didn't go to swimming pool because I suspected it would be crowded turned out nobody swim today! /flip

I spilled my noodles' bowl while watching my show then it just fell on to my lap omg!! Noodles' soup was very hot and my lap burnt, felt sad not because my lap and shorts dirty but because my noodles' soup fell down.

It was very delicious!!

/sobbing °(°´д`°)°

Just like other bloggers, I have writing block which is mainly because I have nothing interesting to write. I've been staying home all day except when I bought my meals out but it's also only an hour, so I decided to exposing 私の鞄!

Literally I'd show my readers what's inside my daily bags.

Everytime I attend my class at uni, I almost always use backpack because it's more convenient since I bring many stuffs (more than 50% unrelated to uni works ( ノω-、) haha~)

For now I'll just show some stuffs I bring to both uni and any other places.

Shopping bag. It isn't the one I use most often but it's the one I use lately so I'll just take this.

Because the very fancy bedcover so the stuffs spread on the bed are slightly unclear ;-;

Access card and roomkey. Without it I'll stay outside the building at night. If this disappears I'm in trouble. Last time the access card is broken so I waited for two months for it to get done. This access card is my uni ID card, which is also used for class attendance.

Spectacles. I won't bring both but at least one pair is always on my bag. I have a bad sight it's impossible for me to recognise people from more than 4 m in front of me. The black one is very expensive while the pink one is very cheap. Less than IDR100,000 I guessed. /forgot

Very cheap MP3 player! The player and the headset both are IDR50,000 in total. I seldom use it but it's always on my bag. The playlist is mainly Mai Kuraki, Do As Infinity, Kim Jongkook and IU.

Baby powder because I get sweaty a lot, solution and contact lens in case I feel dizzy of wearing specs, and handkerchief. I often lose my handkerchief Idk why -_- Also panadol because I get headaches so often. I know it's bad to drink it so many but I can't tahan I get headaches very often.

Thumbdrive and phone's USB. Because our classes often shares files via USB, I bring both of this everyday anywhere. It's really needed nowadays Idk why.

Face powder, eyedrops, bobbypins, small comb and mirror, nailclipper and cablephone hairtie. They're just needed everytime I go out. I very often lose bobbypins so I bring it out, if I just put it home I'll lose it in no time.

The wallet. When I took this picca, it has no money on it (I'm broke atm ;-;) . Showed you my mostly-useless-cards: shop member cards, clinic cards, ID card, expired motorcycle driving license, atm cards; safety charm, coupon and discount vouchers which are mostly expired already. Omg -_-

Old mobile phone. It's been 2 years and keep spoiling. I think it's time to retire soon... *grin* no money to buy new hp tho.

Drinking bottle! Why is it weird? I can't stay out and no drink for more than an hour I'd get cough easily, my ENT is kind of weak so I keep the full drinking bottle anywhere I go. The hardest part is when I worry this drinking bottle will leak inside my bag or not. Such a heart attack.

The name label I put there in case I lose it. In my class, at least 5 people have same drinking bottle!

It isn't raining lately, but in case it is, I bring small umbrella inside my bag. Since it's small, it doesn't make my bag any heavier.

Secret: if I happen to bring my large bag, sometimes I bring along my Elmo's inside bag. Haha!

Do you bring many things to your classes?

Lots of love


  1. Wow. You bring a lot and your things are so cute~ Bringing elmo is the cutest thing ever!~ ♥

    1. Heehee~~! It's cute yes truly ^^ <3 lovely

  2. You have so many cute things! I usually just bring lots and lots of colored pens to my classes, and the books ofc.

    1. Wow! I usually only bring one pen to my class typical lazy student :P haha

  3. you have some really cute stuff in your wallet!

    1. Many stuffs! Altho most of them are useless XD

  4. wow, nice blackberry icon :D
    but, are you didn't bring any notes or text book

    my daily bag?
    Laptop + DSRL + Meal Box + 1,5 lt Mineral Bottle = totally suck :D

    1. Yep notes but I forget to capture it haha >_<
      That's actually awesome but isn't that heavy? haha


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