Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We face a difficult semester this time, 02PBM!

(☆´∀`)【good evening~~ readers】(´∀`☆)

How's your day? I am sure it's awesome. Because mine is awesome. I have some amazing stuffs happened to me this week.

I did marathon assignments these few days. Really tired! Although it's tiring, but I think I did well. Very less sleep and I fell asleep on today's MIS class *sob* but I finally can get rid of my procrastinating habit. Well, a bit~ But I know I can't procrastinate anymore. It's just too horrible for my days now to procrastinate. I won't do that anymore! Ever.

People might think it sucks to have marathon assignments on weekend and such, but I found it quite interesting (well, blame me because I think I've lost my mind? haha) but frankly I never feel too burden at all.

I think it's all thanks to my high school Stece to give me thousand of assignments too back then, and I think I get used to it now, so~ Bunch thanks to Stece anyway!

My modules for this semester (Exclude CB)

I spent so much for these imported books. Therefore, I shall study seriously~ Earning money isn't easy. I hope these books aren't going to be wasted, I shall seriously get knowledge from these holy bibles.

Ah yes, bibles (o´-ω-)

Hot topic on my class' discussion: the lousy lecturer of us.
They (my classmates) want a proper lecturer, like the one I had on Semester one -Mr Taufik! Awesome teacher. I shall say~ Almost whole class got A for IIS, and was too awesome for me, I got Aces as well!

This semester, Semester two, we have DIFFICULT subjects, oh let's say, IBP (still no idea what's this), MIS (really blur one!) and some other subjects which are getting harder, let's say Algorithm OOP 2, which talks about Algo concepts and each class I attend makes me feel like a total idiot, despite of my Ace Algorithm on Semester one.

I didn't join in the discussion, but how I react to this topic?

I shall say, we are too spoiled with good lecturers which we had on our first Semester. Gave us many many good notes, spoiled us with exam hints which are exactly the same with the exam. *I admit I was really grateful with those lecturers I had on semester one~~ I'm very sad up until now when I know our Algorithm lecturer Mr Samuel went out and nv teaches us anymore~~ Sob*

I know, our uni is supposed to have, what people say, awesome lecturer that can give us really awesome materials and make us awesome undergraduates.

We, as I can see, are worrying our scores. So do I! I worry about my scores so much with these difficult subjects and our lecturers' way of teaching. Well, actually not all of them... Well I may mention, only one or two subjects we have difficult time with.

We have quite difficult time on these classes. I tried to focus, and focus... I think something might goes wrong on me because I was totally blur when I'm on the class. But I had a proper sleep the night before and I can't seem to find anything wrong on me. Until I find that my friends also have difficulties on understanding.

There's this pro and con on my mind, which I really am disappointed with our lecturers on this Second semesters.

I, like other of my classmates as well (I am pretty sure we think the same way) are worried about our scores for this semester like I mentioned before. My dream to focus on ERP and achieve it, I need straight Aces for that!! But, how can I make sure I can achieve my dream, if our way of learning is this hard?

Not only our class, our seniors also said, those lecturers are quite "hard" to deal with. Blur teaching, very bad in giving scores. How if he doesn't care about our understanding of the materials and simply gives us all straight C?? No way!!

The lecturers, seem to really~ how can I say this? Never really mind that we are on SC.. (A and B classes, which are extraordinary from other classes, C-Z) and I am confused. They only translating the lecturing slides to bahasa which we TOTALLY DON'T NEED IT, oh puh-leeze... We're extraordinary students who demand extraordinary lecturing as well!

Shall I, be disappointed as well?

Even, if I state I am disappointed, then what can I do?

Binus uni isn't the place which is easy to declare our petitions, is a uni which has a really complicated bureaucracy (as my friend said, I quoted it here) and our petitions will be given to hundreds of people first before it's discussed macam seriously.

I find it useless to give our petition about this kind of thing, like disappointed lecturer.

So... If I can say it here, the things I want to do right now (the best one for me I think) is to try my best to attend their very difficult classes, try to discipline myself to swallow every word on the bibles... And try to do my best to study about the subjects!! It's hard, I know. Thinking about it makes me headache as well.

Every end of each semester, we students would have such thing as Questionnaires about our lecturers, I might think that I can say anything there, maybe I'd like to state some of my disappointments there. I hope it will help!

I shall remind myself, we shall not fall for difficulties, we must struggle, even if we got the worst lecturer which is ever existed, we shall get used to it and "fight" it! We shall not nag, hold a democracy... Because we shall understand, there will be no leisure time on real work life. It's not going to tolerate our nags, our yells about this and that which are disappointing us. No!

Our work life in the future will be much much harder than this one, we might face the worst boss we wouldn't even want to imagine, troll office, troll life we might have in the future... I always remind myself this.

Make this semester as our time to struggle, and with our struggling together and succeed, then we're going to be better-quality undergraduates~ Jia you!!

This made me quite head ache, thinking bout this. I also have HC to take care with, hopefully everything goes okay this semester! Wish me luck guys! xx (*^-^)ノ

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the best uncle in the world~~ 

by Miaojuan.


  1. Wow, ganbatte~~~~~~~!!!! >.<
    It's hard to pass but after graduate you'll miss that time :D

    1. Thank you~~ You're right!! I will miss it so that I shall enjoy at least~~ >_<

  2. I classify teachers in three objects: 1) those who are like a pillar 2) those that are like a wall 3) those who are like a book. At first the elusive quickly away from him and forgetting. On the second climb it, takes longer but eventually it jump across and away from him forgetting me. The third I'll take it, learn from him and his words and teachings follow me all his life.
    By this I mean that we have no choice but to be conformed to the teachers, but we have the choice to choose which of his teachings will accompany us throughout our lives.
    Sure that you know which path to choose.

    1. I see.. Thanks for giving me this perspective. I hope that I will pass this semester well. This semester is surely hard.. I admit it, but I am trying my best!

  3. Ugh it sucks right? D:

    Replied//Hehehe coz I love picking my nose XDXD lol

    1. Hahaha!! I see~~ It's cute on you though xD

    and good luck :D
    i'm following you
    mind to follow back? :)


    1. Followed back~ Thanks for the comment ^^

  5. jiayous jie :DD just arrived home from the airport :D


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