Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hectic days are slightly better than holidays, I think so?


Hello readers~~(人*^0^*)

Hectic week, or shall I say it again, hectic semester! Readers, you might be bored with hectic life I have, but that's what I have now, and it will be more and more hectic in the future since I plan to work out some stuffs and I am thirsty of experiences and I desperately need job, so I think, life won't go so easy for me in the future.

I have 6(six) modules for this semester for 02PBM, which are: Management, CB: Spiritual Development, Information System Development, Information System Management, Information and Business Process and Algorithm OOP 2. At the moment, all of the modules has its own assignments, and not only one assignment each. There are two assignments, three even more! (。> < 。)

Management (got weekly case study and big project for one semester),
CB (got us to write essays about our spiritual experiences, which is really bad since I am religion-less),
Information System Development (got three assignments *like homeworks* and one big project for one semester),
Information System Management (got to prepare a presentation about a case and answer it, and blahblah I also still blur about this, meh?),
Information and Business Process (got weekly blur assignments, and draw diagrams, DFD, DBMS, and flowcharts),
and also Algorithm OOP 2 (got to master Eclipse and also need to master the concept of Java, which is totally blank for me eventhough I have passed the first semester with an Ace for Algorithm OOP 1).

Which also the student council of Information System I join, it has an annually event now called Himsisfo Competition, and I'm hella busy for these since I am on Event division and my days feel like it's not enough.

Reading my long long time ago posts, back then when I was still on High School, I always complain about how hectic my life was at that time, but compare to now, I think at that time, I was really lazy, and I did nothing, yet I still complained. Maybe since at that time I also live with family so I feel like, no worry for food, etc. While now, I even don't have time for my meal.

When I was still in High School, when I returned home late, mama would have prepared me meal (let's say the worst, she bought me MacDonald, but at least she cared, right?) but now, when I return home late, all that greet me is the cold room, cold table, cold chair, cold bed, and cold buni buni xiao xiong mao (due to the aircon, haha). No meal, unless I buy it by myself. Ya, I never cook anymore. I don't own any refrigerator. Maybe I shall buy one so I can cook.

But, when I think about it, I will be really tired one and no time to cook, so buy meals would be better?

There are some stuffs you can't decide which one is better, haha. I experience a lot of this... Usually I would ask my mama or daddy's opinion, or let them decide it for me. But now, I can't ask anyone anymore.

Shall decide it by myself. ( ; _ ; )

Which is hard. Sometimes it feels lonely to decide everything by our own.

Today's selca nyan.

Colour contact lenses are surely give me big difference ya! Omo!

My messy hair is fugly. I can haz haircut soon, but I feel pity with it and I still rethink about it. My rapunzel bang has gone, it's too long already and gathered with the rest of hair, so, when I get my bangcut, I think it will be almost impossible now. Without bang has gotten into me now, no bang is really much more refreshing!

Tell me how's your day! I hope you have a great weekend~~ I also have a great weekend, with assignments. Love ya, lovely assignmentsー♪! Muack!

By the way, yesterday (March 09) was my Blog's anniversary! I've been blogging for 3 years now!

by Miaojuan.


  1. deaar, i've drew your face <3
    but it still in my draft -___-


    1. Kyahaha XD thanks dear haha I never know you would really draw me :3
      Email me the result then ;) xx Thanks alot woohoo! <3

  2. Should I say "Happy Anniversary" ? haha !
    For that part that, buy outside food probably better than cook .. I totally agree! haha

    Well, just to reply , the hard disc thingy, of course I can put all back like what it was.. but .. It won't be function also =P
    The OS ? It's just a consumer preview... I don't buy OS actually =D

    1. Haha! Happy anniversary to blog? Haha.
      So buy outside is better... Okay I note that! Thanks ;)

      Oh.. Hard disk, pull out and put in back.. Really IT stuffs, I can never do that.. Oh consumer preview.. I see. Is it nice? My friend said so many bugs thera :O

  3. I forget one more thing..! I will reply your letter as soon as possible .. sorry ya, because kinda busy lately ~

  4. Yeah D: It really sucks to make decisions by your own! >_<; Sometime I missed myself during HS, childish and carefree. But now I have to be more alert with my surrounding and I have to think real carefully in everything I do. Sucks! ;A;

    I like your contacts btw. :3 What colour is it?

    1. Haha you're right! Really miss old days.. Want to return but it's impossible XD Yep! Now can't do anything we lke because need to think carefully about everything~

      Oh ^^ my first colour contact. It's blue.. Not really clear ya? Haha =P

  5. wow.. quite many subject.. wish you all the best ~

    1. Yep quite many~ Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. When goals are so hard to divide them is so mental. The objectives mentally divide the year into months, months into weeks, and finally we have to live these goals a day, every day well done, no matter how hard it is, when it added up to seven, and we have a week of objectives, and so through year. What I said is obvious, but necessary for our mind, our mind needs to divide work better, in fact the studies are separated into modules to assimilate better. Anyway, I'm sure you will get where you want. Ah! is very hard being away from home to study. You Are beautiful, attractive, and your eyes very pretty in the last photo in your blog. Sorry if I overstepped compliments.
    Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog.

    1. I see... So start goals from daily, then make it weekly then I can also set goals annually.. That will be great if we can set goals as our ability and we can fulfill it.. Thanks for the encouragement. Yes it's hard to be away from home and I am doing my best for this. <3 Thanks alot by the way!


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