Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mr. Wacom Bamboo Pen!

Hey hey~ What's up?
Since some days ago, I've been falling in love with this guy!

A mysterious guy named WACOM BAMBOO PEN.
Price: IDR800k

Some days ago, I asked michiru-nyan about tablet~
She's using Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch~

But I guess, for a silly artist like me, I guess Wacom Bamboo Pen is enough.
"Pen" only~ No need touch.
I don't really like touchpad. I prefer mouse ALOT~

This afternoon after school I went to Computa, computer store.
I asked the man there, "Wacom Bamboo?"
The man answered, "Ouch! We currently don't have the goods right now..."

"...but, we do have this!" he continued.
He takes out another brand of tablet

A white thing named GENIUS TABLET.
Price: IDR420k

OMG =__________________=||
How come the price difference is so far away?
I bet the quality is not that similar? xD

But I think~ I buy tablet for my hobby not my school~
I'm not entering Visual Communication Design,
I'm entering Information System.
Haiz~ So, I think no need to buy the very expensive one.
But after discussion with baba... He said I musn't get attracted to price.
Quality is the first!
And if I buy Mr. Wacom Bamboo Pen I'll spend ALOT of my savings~
Shall I buy anot? But I want it~ But waste money~
How how how? T___________T
I still have to save for my solo trip, and also etc etc etc so many things~

. . . . . . . .
Nevermind la! I'll think about it later =v=

At school! Geography test: failed.
So difficult sia~ *sobs* I really hate memorizing! :(
Today's nothing happen at school~
School was pretty fun for me? :D

I also want to apply for Paypal and eBay~
Since my age is now enough for it :3
I'm waiting when I'm not this busy I'll try to apply ^-^

PS. Not important~
Do you know? I like seeing person with a very tidy clothing~
Long/short sleeves ok~ But with collar? OMG I like it <3
I love seeing person with collar, with tie is better fuwaa~ xD
OMG I also want to wear clothings like that~
But when I see my wardrobe, most of my clothes are casual clothes~
I need to buy the semi formal one.

OMG I fall in love with semi formal clothings~ ^w^

I've been having terrible pimples on my face T.T
Can anyone suggest me medicine/anything to cure it?
I'm pretty tired and sleepy, I guess I'll end here! Bye~ ^o^/

#Nowplaying Happy Days - Kuraki Mai
I wish you a happiness~ ♥


  1. I've always wanted a tablet!! ><
    I don't know which one is the best one though~ and same with you, i want it as my hobby! hahaha

    Maybe you shouldn't buy it yet as you still need to save up for other things! The solo trip sounds important~ ><

    I like people with very tidy clothing too!!! :D

  2. Ho~ wacom bamboo pen? hmm interesting :o
    but yeah it's expensive :S

    I think it's ok to buy it konayachi-nyan ^w^
    it's your hobby! anyway, i mean you can earn money back with designing stuff using that rite? ^^ just my opinion hihi..

    my geography national exam is failed too.. haha XD geography is annoying! hahaha xD

  3. @Fernroro: I've consulted some people, they said the best one is from wacom~ Wacom bamboo is for amateur user (like me x3) and if you need the professional one shall choose Intuos~ ^-^

    Haha yeah :P and wow!! Yeah~ Tidy people are awesome rite?? ^o^

    @Vivin: Since you're in design major, do you have tablet? ^^ Yeah so expensive one only for sth like that~ But idk why I want it nyaa >.< Ohh yes yes I can earn $$$!! Thanks for the opinion~ ^O^

    And about geography~ erm ==|| very annoying desu~ hontouni muzukashii~ >O< hahaha xD


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