Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I was about to go tuition then fall.
Will edit this when I feel better.

Edited on March 09, 2011.

I want to tell you that my English speech yesterday were awful :(
At first, I was thinking I felt really lazy, I got up really lazy,
and then I bathed really slowly, I walked to school and thought,
"I should be in bed right now~" Ouch >.<

At school~ I memorized my speech, because
I found out that we're not allowed to read. O.o
And then~ the teacher said,
"I'll pick the first person to do speech randomly~"
I don't know at that time,
Something told me my teacher will pick my name first,
and my teacher shouted, "Std number 15~"

Yeah, that's me.
I was shivering really hard~ XD You won't be able to imagine~
I knew that I wasn't allowed to bring text but I insisted to bring.
And eventhough I could peep my text, I cannot read it because
I left my glasses on my desk and my hand was very shivering desu!

Overall, I just thought that I need to preapre myself better at home. :(

Since that awful moment, I've been kena headache~
Continued until afternoon, I was on the phone so I didn't have my nap.
Then I took a cold shower, and was about to go tuition~
Until then suddenly fell down T____________T

I don't know if you understand this feeling,
but your eyes'll be really blur, seeing stars everywhere
and also tempted to vomit >____<
Then I decided to skip my tuition that evening and
I immediately ate anything that's available there.
I knew I've not been healthy since the morning~
I should have been sleeping in the afternoon.
I went to bed really early yesterday.

Today I had a volleyball and jumping tests.
And I failed =____= total failed.
No need to explain~ I failed!!


FYI, I've been blogging for two years today.
Happy birthday? XD

P.S. my thumbdrive got some silly viruses from my fren's pc? =.=
P.S.S anybody knows how to cure hypotension?

#Nowplaying Person Close To Tears - F.T. Island
If I want to, I can be anything~


  1. haha~
    i know this is sounds off-topic,
    but i love yui also!!
    ( ´∀`)

  2. HEY! OMG, I'm having an English speech test too! We're supposed to do book review in front of class T.T

  3. @♥Vivin♥: Hahaa nvm la~ Yui is totemo kawaii desu~ ♥ ^-^

    @eMiLy ChAnG: Ouch! >.< Good luck for you~ I had mine and I am not really satisfied with that~ Prepare yourself well! ^-^


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